Faster; but looking for more ;)

I am 4.5 years THR on my left side and have brought my 5K down to right at 20-minutes and recently ran a “post-high school” PB in the 1500m at 5:24 (note high school was 35 years ago).

Would live to get that down to 5:15-ish and 2:30 in the 800m.

The question is how long I will go before my right hip needs replaced… it is gradually getting to where my left was 4.5 years ago!

Life is journey indeed!… the surgery is real and the recovery is at least a few months… several months to getting back to real fitness!  I’ll keep the forum aware!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

“More Faster”

Happy holiday season Hipsters – this is a report from The Florida senior games, a Seniors track meet last weekend.  This is a follow-up to my report of last month when I qualified for this track meet.  I posted the following times and the subsequent improvement over last month:

2:32 – 800m (5 sec. improvement)

67 sec – 400m (1 sec. improvement)
5:25 – 1500m (2 second improvement)

I’m thankful to be running well and know that most important is to run joint pain-free.  I’ll likely keep shorter distances as part of my routine, at least for seasons.

This experience is humbling at the same time, as I’m reminded of my genetic lot in life…
The 800 m and 2 mile relay were my events in high school… I’m no fast sprinter, with not enough stride length nor fluidity to be very good at 400m, and I have a stocky build… a classic grinder – and with a replaced hip!!!!

Experiment with racing and training and listen to your body – and especially those hips!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

“The need for Speed“

So while I have done fairly limited speed training since my THR in December, 2020, over the last couple months, I focused on the 5K distance and I’ve started throwing in some more fartlek and shorter stride type intervals on flat grass surfaces.

A good triathlon buddy of mine, one of those ultra competitive types 😉 talked me into doing the golden age games, a Seniors track meet last weekend.  Without formalized speed training workouts and as it was the first time I had raced on a track since my senior year of high school, 1989, I posted the following times

2:37 – 800m
68 sec – 400m
5:27 – 1500m

This qualified me for the Florida senior games and as long as my right hip pain (my non-replaced side) stays relatively pain-free, I’m going to compete and continue racing the shorter distances.  Note that my replaced side has no pain and interestingly, I feel like I am in lesser pain when running the speedwork on both the grass and rubberized – polyurethane track surfaces.  Perhaps this is due to the stride and gait change with faster running???  or maybe the softer services? Or maybe a combination of both?

As always feedback and comment is appreciated in this great forum!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2nd THR inevitable

Well 3 – 3-1/2 years ago I knew my left THR was inevitable when “normal life” was being seriously impacted: not able to sleep in my left side, could barely swing my leg up over the saddle get up on a horse, and of course in a ton of pain after hard runs, namely the next day.  Well, I think I’m there now on my right hip.  I’ve been feeling it coming on over the last 6 months.  I’ll be making an orthopedic appointment soon but I’m confident I already know my fate… would have loved to postpone it for 6 more months…. We will see and I will update.  COURAGE!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

5K racing update

So for those of you who remembered my last post, my question posed was “can an aging, experienced, 52-year-old, post THR runner get faster?”  And the trial is essentially eight 5K‘s over a four month period to prove it … well here is how it’s going:

May 27, 2023 – ParkRun 5k: 21:17 (good weather for Central Florida; only in the mid-60s)

June 10 – Clermont triathlon series 5K: 21:36 (very hot weather, typical central Florida)

June 12, 2023 – NACDA 5k: 22:06; (not sure if the course was accurately measured, very hot weather,course runner on golf course cart paths too; summary: not a fast course, and only two days rest from last 5K)

July 4 – Tuesday – Freedom 5k – Clermont: 20:54 (hottest day of the year thus far and a hilly course; but a big race, and “home town pride on the line“

July 8 – Clermont triathlon series 5k: heavy rain from about 3/4 of a mile till the end of the race making my Feet definitely heavier, but ran 21:08.

So like many things in life, not a total linear progression, but as of right now I’m about 30 seconds faster at 5K than I was back in May.

Knock on wood I am feeling healthy so I will keep training appropriately, which means most of all safely and second and third of all more mileage with a bit more of speed work.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Can an aging, “THR’d” guy get faster?

So I’ll take you on my journey… summed up in the Post’s title.

4 months after my left THR (2 yrs., 7 months ago – age 49) I was shuffling/running again and in about 1.5 years… I reached my pre-THR replacement fitness at 5K.  And then a plateau… and because of the THR and wanting to be conservative, I’ve been very cautious and “smart” I suppose about trying to improve.  So while I intent to be be smart, I’m going to push my limits once more to try and improve at this distance.

It’s a simple formula… Eight (8) 5K’s over the next 5 months.  It started yesterday, 21:17 on a mostly flat course in “great” weather for central FL in May (63 degrees and relatively low humidity).  I’ll report in monthly with the trials, tribulations, and actions that produce better results (God willing!)… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Contentment ?

Well, I am now two years and four months removed from my THR in my left hip and content with where I am at, mainly in that I am running and truly just enjoying running well and placing atop my age group in local races. I am almost 52 and the prospect of actually getting much faster seems to be fading. Living in Florida, the time to chase PR’s is really through our winter and frankly, my times are not much better this year than last. I would attribute this to really not improving the quality of my training… My running economy has never gone back to my pre-osteoarthritic days. I have also been careful to really not increase my running volume and incorporating more crosstraining, though I am contemplating building it over the next year to see if it helps me improve. In the last month or so I also have a more arthritic type of pain in my right hip so the inevitability of my other hip getting replaced maybe creeping up on me. now this being said, I am very thankful and truly running pretty well; life, aging, and realities are simply that… finding contentment… That is the key 👍… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Continuing to offer hope to those “hipsters” out there!

I am just over two years post THR in my left and my training continues to go well as does my ability to run well. Today I completed the LAST 30K – a gravel road and “Easier trail” run that traverses  the northern shore of Lake Apopka in central Florida. Very little pain other than the expected discomfort in the quads and hip girdle from the exertion… 18.6 miles in 2 hours 33 minutes; an 8:13 pace that I stayed consistent with for the most part. It felt great and brought me much fulfillment… first in my 50–54 age group and eighth place overall

To all of you out there wondering “can I run with quality again?”  BELIEVE!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2 Years post…

48 hrs prior to my left thr I ran a local festive but competitive 5 k in 20:38.  It was a good race though the inevitability of my thr loomed and I was in pain post-race.

well fast forward 2 years to the same weekend with the various ups and downs of my journey and I ran the same race and course in 20:29!!!  The greater mission of being healthy and not in pain was accomplished and the possibility of being and getting faster still lives 👍

my thoughts and hopes for others is they your thr journey is a success!!!  Onward and upward for me!!! God willing!

 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Rehab (and beyond) exercise-Pilates

Fellow Hipsters this forum has lots to do about the advice you won’t get other places… so here’s a bit I’ve heard nowhere else but from my own experience… once you’re past your 60 or 90-day doc clearance… find Pilates… yes that’s correct – even those out there that suffer from toxic masculinity 😉 – TRY PILATES.  It is all about core strength, movement, stability and flexibility, especially in the hips, core, and glutes.  First time I did it 4 months ago the light bulb came on as I declared this should be “mandatory” post THR activity 👍… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

17 mos. Post-op AND now FASTER

There is hope…

to not have pain in the affected hip

to be able to run again (for me 45 days post-op)

to race again (60-days post-op)

to run a marathon (11 months post-op)

to run an ultramarathon (13 months post-op)

to better my pre-op 5k (ran 20:07 16 months post-op)

to better my pre-op 10k (ran 42:46 17 months post-op)

Now I’m not expecting lifetime PR’s at age 50… but most docs say I should not be running 😉

LIVE IN HOPE HIPSTERS!!!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

1-year post – op

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my left THR.  A big, huge thank you to the hip runner blog for the best advice to be found in the universe for advice! I chose a trusted surgeon with a great reputation and a trusted, respected PT.  That said, it was the journey and applying their advice, along with hiprunner and my personal experience that has led to a great year.

I waited about 60 days to run and then only began with a shuffle.  I started feeling More capable over the next couple months and ran a few 5K’s and within 45 seconds of my previous, pre-surgery 5K pace.  To my surprise, and without adding much in the way of effort or mileage, I started to have hamstring strain issues over the next couple months, through the summer. I still am not sure exactly what caused this, likely just trying to run faster then I was ready for. So from seven months post op to present I have focused on going longer and slower.  eight months postop I ran a 21 mile trail race and 11 months postop ran a 4:04 trail marathon. I have lowered my 5K time to 20:50 and I am tackling a trail 50 K on New Year’s Day! I am happy to report I am feeling well with no hip pain, only what I would call a slight stiffness. In addition to the hamstring setbacks, I do feel still a little odd in my stride… My operated side is sort of a “Peg-leg”, I just ran a bit stiffer on that side and not as fluid.  That all said, I will take it and I’m glad I made the decision and hope to run successfully, I’ll be at a little slower, for another 40 years!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Thanksgiving weekend-11 months post-op

Well I am happy to report that I was able to run in America’s most popular running a holiday, Thanksgiving, this past weekend! I would say it “felt like old times“! I am 11 months post op, left THR, posterior approach and 50 years old.  I ran 20:50 on a hilly road 5K on Thanksgiving Thursday followed by a 4:04 Trail marathon on Sunday (yesterday).  Very well fatigued as of yesterday afternoon and some muscle soreness but no hip pain to speak of and this morning feeling fairly well! My message to all of you out there is that there is hope in returning to successful running following hip replacement! Thank you for this hip runner forum as it has been tremendously helpful! I will continue to update on both my positive and negative experiences!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Longest run

8 months to the day of my left THR, I ran-hiked 21+ trail miles at  95 and partly sunny conditions at the Moon over Croom event near Brooksville, FL.
3 hrs 56 min
Those who’ve read my story on this forum know of my ups and downs.  Hopefully I’m getting it figured out…. Major lesson: I’ve not been able to run fast (for me) since THR… need to be Slow and steady… and maybe just to see how long I can build to…???

Best news today: No THR hip pain AND total body fatigue! THE GOOD KIND ! 😉… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Imperfect Progress

Well 24 weeks post left THR I was able to do 15 miles on the Appalachian Trail; Tenastee Gap to Unicoi Gap in Georgia with no hip pain!  More hiking than running especially considering the approx. 3,500 ft. of climbing and numerous rock slides in this trail section; QUALIFIER here – this 4+ hr. effort was MUCH LONGER than any recent run but I was deliberate and controlled and hiked a lot.  Interestingly my left (operated side) quad was very sore the day after, otherwise low back, feet and calves just felt fatigued.

I followed that up with a ParkRun trail 5k yesterday in 22 min. – I was pleased!  The soreness today from that however is significant in my right calf… so while I am running, rucking, biking and swimming well – I’m not yet “aligned” given these varying sorenesses and how I just feel a bit “off”.  I’ll take it over the pain any day but the alignment is frustrating!  I’ve addressed it with my very competent PT but they’ve not been able to really correct it.  Thoughts or experiences?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Well I am at 5.5 months post op and as some of you have read and perhaps have followed my story, I was able to run fairly well two months post op; running a few 5k’s at a respectable pace for me.  Had a fairly decent six weeks of running, 12-15 miles per week, but with my alignment feeling a little off.  Then ran into a string of hamstring strains-pulls; I have rarely had hamstring pulls throughout my athletic career including football from the time I was eight years old until the age of 22…. but my “new alignment“ and adjustments from my replaced hip caught up with me.  I would also attribute it to simply aging as I turned 50 years old yesterday.   So I have had very limited running in the past month as I continue to work on flexibility, strength, balance of training, and new territory for me, which is 10–15 minutes of a dynamic warm-up before running.  My PT, who I respect greatly as a nearly 60 years old with the fitness, mobility, and body of a 35 year old, insists it necessary.  I have also joined a pool-lake swim club as I know that will be a part of my balanced training journey.

The lesson…. ride the rollercoaster of physicality and emotions; adjust, balance your training, but most importantly, keep on going!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

The ups and downs

Hello fellow hipsters and just as I have commented on what feels like great recovery and progress… Comes along with it the occasional speedbump

following a 21:45 trail 5K as I mentioned recently, literally five days shy of my four month post op day, just passed the 2 mile mark I strained my non-operated side hamstring; I had been feeling some stiffness and strain over the preceding couple weeks and the effort of the race simply pushed it too far. No doubt related to the new “alignment“ of my lower body following THR. I took a couple days off and starting Tuesday tried to slowly jog each day, with each day returning to the house within five minutes knowing that the pain and strain were too much. Feeling better this morning, I was able to walk and very gently jog without pain for 2 miles in 27 minutes… that is literally almost twice as slow and at a lesser distance than last Saturday. Here’s my point… My setback wasn’t in the new joint, but clearly related to the new joint and the new expectations I think we all have to have post THR… Take it as it comes, study it out, and do your best to master your experiment of one!!!  I hope to report back within a couple weeks that I am successfully and more safely back to running well!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Affirmation of the unknown

Had my 4-month check up with the orthopedic today and good news, “all is great” according to him. What is remarkable is The level of “unknowns“ still going on. Should I be running? “Perhaps but not on hard surfaces” according to the doc. How do I know if I am overdoing it? “You may be sore and stiff” according to the doc. Thanks for that tremendous insight LOL.
Interesting that the actual procedure is extremely specific and intricate, however the advice and guidelines are very non-specific.  I ran a 21:48 Trail 5K last Saturday but pulled/strained my hamstring (other side of THR) with a 1/2 mile to go…I absolutely attribute it to the fact that I am putting a lot more stress on my non-THR side because I affectively have a leg length discrepancy; because of how I compensated prior to THR… that is my current battle, working that alignment and kink out but frankly not real confident that will ever get 100% corrected.  Any advice on these alignment and compensation issues as a result of THR would be appreciated!  BTW I finished the race with the pulled hamstring 😉… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)