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My name is Hip Brother Tom.  I am a runner.  I had a hip replacement in January of 2012.   A month prior to my surgery, I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who might be facing the same fate down the road.  I wanted to show my weekly recovery progress and hopeful return to running.  Hence the name…hiprunner.com.  As time has passed, I have opened this site to others who wanted to share their experiences.  There is even a Hip Runners forum now.  We are the Hip Runner’s Club.  But it isn’t just about hips.  In February of 2018, I also had a partial knee replacement.  This site serves as a community of individuals of hip and knee replacements who are seeking advice on running again.    If you find yourself getting a hip replacement or a knee replacement, and would like to become a member of the Hip Runner’s Club, we would love to have you share your story on this blog.  Click here to become a member.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Any stats on runners years after replacement?

Hi everyone,

I’m 48 and I had Anterior approach THR on Dec 4th, 2023. My doctor said he didn’t recommend that I run again but that he did know people who did. That’s when I found this site and put my mind at ease. It has always been my intention to get healed and back to running some day.

Today my physical therapist asked me if I was worried about the consequences when I’m older. I told her that when the time came, if I had to replace the cup I would do so. She then asked if the bone would deteriorate because of the implant. I haven’t heard of that happening and it did get me thinking. So came here to ask if there are any of you that have had your implant in for MANY years as a runner and what affect has that had on your bones? Or are you aware of any studies that I should be concerned about?

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Please help.

Hi Guys

I hope you are all well. I have only once posted  here, but love to see all the successful stories of people’s post op triumphs etc.  I , unfortunately am not one of those . I’m 4 yrs post op ( THR ) and am still jogging with a limp as it feels horrible . I begged my surgeon to do an mri , but he was happy once he saw that everything looked absolutely perfect on the X-ray, despite me telling him that I am in massive discomfort when I exceed a “ fast walk”. I took it upon myself to have an mri done and it shows chronic bursitis. I thought I was getting somewhere , but two rounds of steroid injections later , and I am still limping around , and quite frankly I’m losing the will to live. I was an 18min 5k , 38min 10k runner only 5yrs ago . Now I’m 2 stone overweight and struggling to complete 2 miles in approx 18mins due to the discomfort. ..  I’m 48, and not ready to give up on life yet and retire to the slippers and bathrobe. Running was my life .
any suggestions would be great , as they are refusing a third round of injections and quite frankly , they don’t seem To give a shite.
I was told to take up golf and “ get over myself “ .

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Slip on shoes

I am just 3 wks post op. Still have precautions in place.  So I can’t bend down to tie shoes which gets frustrating. I’ve tried some elastic laces but can’t seem to work with them. Something about the tongue.  And I tried some slip on athletic shoes – granted from Walmart not the best – and I can’t seem to put those on.

any suggestions on elastic no tie laces for my Brooks? And suggestions on a slip on athletic shoe?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Thank You For Giving Me Hope

This group has given me the hope back that I was quickly losing. Thank you for allowing me to join!! On 12/1/24 I had to undergo emergency surgery…my right femur broke and separated into two pieces. I thought I was tough but this was a new level of pain. My surgeon was wonderful. I had never met him until right before the surgery and in spite of it being extremely urgent that he get my surgery under way–he listened carefully as I begged him to understand that I was an athlete — that I had qualified to go to Ironman World Championships in France in 2024; that I did not want to lose my life; that I wanted to run again. I really had no say over my surgery — but he heard me. He performed a lateral anterior total hip replacement on my hip. (I am sorry if this is too much detail, but I feel like I have PTSD at times.)

With all the above background, around week 5 post-surgery I was losing hope about running again (I was starting to believe what some folks were telling me “it just would not be possible”) until I read an article about a runner completing a marathon post hip replacement and he referenced this group. I was ecstatic!!! I realized that there are other folks out there who have walked my path to recovery. I am so grateful.

Now fast forward to week 10 post-surgery and my surgeon has confirmed that I can resume my activities as my body allows. He has reassured me that it is possible. It is truly wonderful to know that there is a community out there who really understands and supports each other and who run again!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

when to start running after surgery-Tony

Tony-Hello all,

just got accepted today and am excited to be on the blog!

Had hip replacement on 11/28/23.  Just had 9 week review from surgeon(said come back in a year) and went back to work.

Want to start a little jogging /running and wondering if 10 weeks is to soon?  Have been doing 30 steps then 20 jogs on front of foot or mid foot.  Just going 2 miles or so with no pain but wondering am I too ambitious to be doing this or too soon?  I want the bone to heal properly-I am 64 and have previously been running for years before surgery.  I only want to build up to 2 or 3 miles for pure enjoyment but don’t want to blow it.  I just feel so good after doing what I have been doing.  I was previously depressed and thought I could never run again but this website has given me new hope.  thanks for any info-Tony


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oldspeed – about me

Hi All,

I am new to this site and this is my first post.

My situation is a bit different to most on this site in that I am a Masters Sprinter (60, 100, 200, 4×100 relay) and looking to return to sprinting. I had a right THR (anterior ceramic on ceramic) in September 2021, approximately 1 year after an incident which in hindsight turned out to be the first issue I can remember with my hip. I had been slowing slightly compared to my peers in competition but with the odd good performance was unaware of my condition until a track training session when at the end I was very sore and assumed it was just a hip flexor issue. Within a few weeks I was limping and in pain. It took some months for tests and diagnosis and after a house move interstate, finally the operation. For a number of reasons I have been unable to go through a rehabilitation program or attempt to sprint. While there has been over a 2 year wasted recovery time it might mean that there would be good growth of the relevant tissue around the implant before testing it.

So I am interested in feedback from anyone on the site who has returned to sprinting after a THR – at this stage I am unsure whether the landing forces and/or explosive use of the hip will prevent a safe return. I am a few weeks into a program put together by a local physiotherapist (I am located in rural Australia about 200km / 125miles from Brisbane) and will update on my situation from time to time and hope others have some experience to share. I am currently 69 and hoping to be able to compete again early in the 70-74 age group.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip recovery

Hello all! Thank you for accepting me.  I heard about this site while reading an article of a marathoner who returned to running after his TLHR.  How long did any soreness last for you?  When were you able to ditch the walker/cane?

I’m almost a week post op.  I’m doing well with PT – second session.  My long term goal is to return to running – well run/walkimg. And to races.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Shoes after THR

Hi everyone, I had my THR anterior right hip last April. I want to start trying to run again but am curious to know whether you all went back to your favorite running shoes after THR or had to find something different as a result (more cushioning etc?). And advice on shoes to try or just how to get back to it would be welcome. So far, I have tried running once on an indoor track one lap at a jog followed by a few walking and back to a jog. It was challenging and not without any pain so I am taking it slow but hoping to get back to at least a few miles a few times a week.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Booked for a new hip for June

Good morning. Just officially joined today after a good friend directed me to this site. Had been a competitive Masters runner for many years here in Toronto, but was diagnosed with moderate OA in my left hip 3 years ago. As you all know, things do progress, so gave up running ~ 15 months ago, and focused on all of those other non-impact sports like cycling, swimming, rowing, Pilates, etc.. I always said that I would go as long as possible with my existing hip, but the minute it starts to compromise my lifestyle by impacting sleep, ability to walk our dog for more than 3o minutes, unable to even muster the strength to play doubles pickle ball with other 56-year olds, I would proceed wth surgery.

Wait times in the public system are brutal here in Ontario, and they really will only do it when you are bone on bone and can’t even walk. So I have opted for private surgery in Montreal. Just booked the date for June 11th. Exhilarating…terrifying….exciting.

I am fit, relatively young, as active as I can be. I hope with the right surgeon that this too shall pass and I can get back to living a life where I am not always thinking about my hip. The forums here and comments have all been so amazing in helping me move forward with this decision, so thank you.


Toronto, Ontario

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Hello all.

New to the community but just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being an inspiration for me to know there is running after THR. Your stories are nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to get back at it. I’m 43 years old and 3 weeks post right THR and the new hip is feeling good. Ran a little in high school but didn’t pick it back up until mid 30s, life and business gets in the way I guess. Took up trail running and ultras and haven’t had this much enjoyment since I was a kid. Thanks all will keep posted on recovery.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Post THR Surgery Running

I found HipRunner just before my surgery in August and thankful to this community for all the positive stories, vibes, and dedication to being active post THR. It was really helpful leading up to the decision for surgery and the surgery itself. I have a couple of questions: 1) I had my surgery in August 2023. I thought I would start slowly with running about 6 months post, but now a bit turned around with stuff I have read and surgeon (middle of the road conservative I would say) input. I am trying to figure out if waiting until 8 months or even a year to start will help with the long-term durability of components because of more time for bone growth etc. I LOVE running and can’t wait to get back, but have been walking a lot, riding a stationary bike and now getting on my regular bike too. I am wondering how people have made their choice for how long to wait and/or any resources that folks can point to; 2) I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I was interested in finding a potential running partner with the same timing/arc of THR recovery. I am in the Boston area. Is HipRunner a place to try and connect for this? I couldn’t tell from looking around. Thank you.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

“More Faster”

Happy holiday season Hipsters – this is a report from The Florida senior games, a Seniors track meet last weekend.  This is a follow-up to my report of last month when I qualified for this track meet.  I posted the following times and the subsequent improvement over last month:

2:32 – 800m (5 sec. improvement)

67 sec – 400m (1 sec. improvement)
5:25 – 1500m (2 second improvement)

I’m thankful to be running well and know that most important is to run joint pain-free.  I’ll likely keep shorter distances as part of my routine, at least for seasons.

This experience is humbling at the same time, as I’m reminded of my genetic lot in life…
The 800 m and 2 mile relay were my events in high school… I’m no fast sprinter, with not enough stride length nor fluidity to be very good at 400m, and I have a stocky build… a classic grinder – and with a replaced hip!!!!

Experiment with racing and training and listen to your body – and especially those hips!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

“The need for Speed“

So while I have done fairly limited speed training since my THR in December, 2020, over the last couple months, I focused on the 5K distance and I’ve started throwing in some more fartlek and shorter stride type intervals on flat grass surfaces.

A good triathlon buddy of mine, one of those ultra competitive types 😉 talked me into doing the golden age games, a Seniors track meet last weekend.  Without formalized speed training workouts and as it was the first time I had raced on a track since my senior year of high school, 1989, I posted the following times

2:37 – 800m
68 sec – 400m
5:27 – 1500m

This qualified me for the Florida senior games and as long as my right hip pain (my non-replaced side) stays relatively pain-free, I’m going to compete and continue racing the shorter distances.  Note that my replaced side has no pain and interestingly, I feel like I am in lesser pain when running the speedwork on both the grass and rubberized – polyurethane track surfaces.  Perhaps this is due to the stride and gait change with faster running???  or maybe the softer services? Or maybe a combination of both?

As always feedback and comment is appreciated in this great forum!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Question on hip replacement materials


My name is Connie and I’ll be getting my new hip this Thursday 10/26/23. One part is Stryker accolade 2 and I am wondering if anyone out there has had problems with it. One article stated some patients had groin pain. I am 60 and injured my hip last year and went downhill quickly. I am hoping after my surgery I can run again. I was very active doing races from 5K to marathons but will be happy sticking with 5K and 10Ks   Any info will be appreciated. Just fyi I also will have the Stryker titanium acetabular shell. Thanks fellow hiprunners… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2nd THR inevitable

Well 3 – 3-1/2 years ago I knew my left THR was inevitable when “normal life” was being seriously impacted: not able to sleep in my left side, could barely swing my leg up over the saddle get up on a horse, and of course in a ton of pain after hard runs, namely the next day.  Well, I think I’m there now on my right hip.  I’ve been feeling it coming on over the last 6 months.  I’ll be making an orthopedic appointment soon but I’m confident I already know my fate… would have loved to postpone it for 6 more months…. We will see and I will update.  COURAGE!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Pinellas Trail Challenge 46 mile race in Florida 90+ degree

I didn’t have high expectations for this race given how my hip has been playing up the last 6 weeks. It fell apart during the Orlando 50K and 10 miles into the 6 hour Durty Beer Run it went again and I was forced to walk for a couple of hours but managed to run again at the end. Last weekend I went out for an easy 10 mile training run just on the flat road rather than my usual bridge repeats, but 6 miles in my hip gave up and I was forced to run/walk the remaining 4 miles home. So going into the PTC this year I knew I wouldn’t be able to compete to win the race and the chances of me being able to complete the race were pretty low. I decided I was still going to go out and hope that I could finish ahead of Brian C Heeren and Scott Bauer Hoover who me close to me for the Summer Slam award. I planned to run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute and see what I could do. I told Luis A. Gomez before the race I was not going to be able to compete and word got to Jeff Iosa who was expecting to battle me and Brian Sharbono for first place. Jeff saw me at the start line talking to Brian Heeren and said he had heard the bad news, I hadn’t told him as I didn’t want to encourage him to go after me and win the slam as I knew this was going to be the last year I compete in the slam series. So I said I was just going to aim for a 7 1/2 hour finish time which I was hoping was going to be too fast for Brian to chase me. In my mind I had no confidence in that time as I didn’t know if I could even finish.

The race started and I set out at the front but kept a comfortable 8:30 pace, my goal was to run the first 2 miles to separate
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Summer base phase (ala Arthur Lydiard) nearly done

I intended to get in 100 kilometres per week throughout the summer, for a summer base phase, ala the great and legendary Arthur Lydiard. But being slower than I was pre-hip, the time it takes to run the metric version of 100 is what it used to take me to run the imperial measure. So, time spent running is a better way to measure things than accumulated kms or miles.

So, in eight to eight-and-a-half hours run weekly, there was plenty of 80-85 kilometre weeks. For you Americans: 50-53 miles per week. It is pretty much all I have to give. I did run a 100K, or 62M or so once or twice.

In the context of “working with what you have,” I ran my base phase and did increase my volume a little and overall enough to get fatigued with some long runs, tempos and lots of easy running. Some strides, drills and gentle fartleks.

So, now to move into the quality phase. I am skipping the Lydiard hill phase, as all runs are hilly, and some are ridiculously hilly. Job done.

I do not have much in race plans until January, then I will race every other week for 16 weeks, so if I can move the fitness needle a little. I will, however, probably run a 5K on Oct. 8.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)