Questions at Week 5

For those of you who are further along in your recovery:

* How long did it take before you were not limping at all?

* How long did it take before you had no pain or discomfort in the operated hip/leg?

* How long does it take before the operated hip and the healthy hip feel the same? (That is, you can’t tell that you had surgery except for the scar.)

* Under categories, how do I set up a personalized Reports category?  At one point, I remember seeing a Q&A category, but I can’t see where to mark this post as Q&A now.  Advice appreciated.

I am Week 5 post anterior left THR, age 41.  I may need a right THR, but my doctor wants to wait three months minimum before a second surgery.  I’m surprised/disappointed by how much my operated hip still hurts – not at the scar site, but the ache at the crease between leg and torso, including throbbing pain at night. Nonetheless, my doctor assures me that I am on track. I had one week of extremely painful nerve pain that felt like rolling in broken glass down the side of my operated leg and on backside, but that has ended. I do have substantial pins and needles in my left foot. I wonder if this is contributing to my tendency to limp? I can walk long distances, though my stride feels restricted, and I’m not too fast. After a long walk, I will be limping somewhat at the end of the day – much like walking after sitting in a car on a long road trip. I’m just frustrated because I think my expectations for recovery were set too high. I’m not at all near running. As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel rather like the tin man pre-oil can. Open to suggestions!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Strength Exercises Recommendations ?

Hi all—4 weeks out today THR posterior right…doing great…walking 3-4 miles a day at 17 min/mile pace and biking 1 hour stationary bike 2-3 times a week. What strength exercises do you recommend ? Anything I can rebuild quad/hammy without risking dislocation ?  PT said squats ok…anything else you all have found helpful ?? Thanks much…you all are very inspiring to me !! Have a 10k/half marathon planned Disney in Nov…even tho not running yet want to get muscle conditioning in asap. !… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Pain running

Had a Birmingham Hip installed 10 years ago. Max I could run after was 6 miles and would have muscle pain stop my run causing a limp and pain that would dissipate a bit allowing me to start running again. Now I am down to a mile or less when the pain and lockup appears. I run walk now from pain and max out at 2.4 miles. I can run almost s mile before Pain is to much and must walk.

Anybody similar? Dr. Always says X-ray looks good.

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Question on stretching

Hello hipsters, after 3 years of my RTHR i feel lucky to be running a daily 5k to stay in shape, soon I am planning to train for a half marathon and so on for the full marathon, the question I post for anyone who wants to answer is how much stretching should i be doing, my therapist suggested to stretch the hip flexors, ham strings and rectus femurs before and after running, is there any other suggestion for this?, and any restrictions on the stretches? so far i have not had any problem with any movement so far


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Hip knee running connection

Hi. I am lifelong runner , hiker, bicycle commuter & triathlete with a specific question re. hip replacement recovery and running. Had anterior hip replacement on right hip March 2012. Before that did a lot of triathlons. Good quick recovery & back to jogging by that summer but did not run seriously as we did international work a couple of years with minimal running/ competition opportunity, then I had series of small injuries (not related to hip); last year it was a broken arm when I slipped trail running! I  would like to return to long distance triathlons. However if I run more than 5 miles I get a “popping” in right knee. My physical therapist says it’s weak hips & gave me lots of hip strengthening work. I wonder if right hip perpetually weaker because of artificial hip& puts more stress on knee. Has anyone else in the community had this issue and do you have advice on how to specifically target/strengthen weak right hip?  I do not get these problems cycling, hiking or backpacking. I do best on trail running and worst on flat pavement; alternating some with barefoot/toe shoe running seems to  ease stress on knees. I thought about more work in minimalist shoes; something I could use for triathlons that would be easier on knees but easy to slip on? (unlike toe shoes which make you crazy in transition).  Thanks for all/ any advice!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Sarah K – Week Nine

Three weeks until I can run again and three weeks of PT under my belt.

I must admit, I was very skeptical of PT when I first started down this road and was relieved when my doctor told me I wouldn’t need any PT for the first month. I even agreed with the nurse practitioner during my one month follow-up that I wouldn’t need to see my PT more than a couple of times (but of course if I wanted to, I should call her so she can refill my PT prescription).

Well, today I made that call, because PT is amazing.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Stan’s Pre Op…

Just had my Pre-Op Dr. appointment. 5 days till surgery date. I have been
dreading all this surgery stuff. But what are you going to do? Hip won’t get any
better without surgery! I was a bit bothered in that I didn’t even have appointment with my Doctor, but instead with his PA. I really needed to hear the words from the Surgeon. I expressed that running has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember and wanted to build back my fitness post surgery by cycling but still wanted to be able to run 5k’s occasionally. PA’s response of course was “we don’t believe you should ever run on a prosthetic hip. That it will just not last! And that if a revision is needed later the surgery is
I’m supposed to be getting ceramic/ceramic and I was curious if maybe I should be getting ceramic/plastic because of my goals.
I left the appointment wondering if 1) I have the right doctor, 2) If I still even want to go through this! Guess I have some real soul searching to do!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

MRS – one week post-op

I’m not able to tell stories of minimal pain or no need to medicate or “hold me back” regarding PT.

I had my anterior approach right THR on Tuesday, April 1 at 5 pm. It was done and I was in recovery by 6:11. They said I did great and all had gone amazingly well. I got to see pictures of my femur head…flat on the top. Very delineated where the cartilage ended and the bare, eroded bone began. They said it was a really good thing that I got the surgery done. The joint was beyond shot.

I FELT great at that point. By 9 o’clock, I started feeling some inkling of pain. My teeth started chattering uncontrollably. Having decided to not be a “tough guy” and to follow directions and advice of those who had gone before me, I buzzed for meds. Fifteen minutes later, when the pain was actual pain and no one had shown up with any relief (or anything, for that matter) I buzzed again. “O, right! She’ll be right there!” Twenty minutes after that when I was in excruciating pain, I buzzed again and was pretty rude and nasty and pretty much experiencing pain worse than any I’d ever had before. The nurse came scurrying in, apologizing profusely, and administered dilaudid through the IV. While the pain melted away, I suddenly vomited the small amount of fruit they had given me once I was in my room. Thus began an 18-hour alleviate pain/empty stomach pattern until they figured out when to dose and what to use regarding the anti-nausea meds. Then it was much better.

My first round of PT was so painful. I was somehow able to get out of bed with my Thigh Of Fire and stand using the walker. I got about 20 feet from my room and said I was light-headed. Back to the room I went. Blood pressure 65/32 or something like that. And thus continued my PT pattern for the next 4 sessions before being discharged.

Last night as I was feeling frustrated I decided to see what … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

The Post Surgery Exercise Routine

Now that I’m home, I’ve been put on a physical therapy regimen that I must do 3 times each day.  These exercises are such a far cry from old me….but it’s a start.  This is the routine:

Ankle Pumps: Sitting or lying position, point your feet down and pull your feet up.  (10 Times)

Quad Sets (Thigh Tightening):  Lie on your back.  With hip and knee straight, tighten the muscles on top of the thigh, pushing the back of the knee into the bed.  Hold at least 5 counts, then relax. (10 Times)

Buttock Squeeze:  Squeeze your buttocks together.  Hold at least 5 counts, then relax.  (10 Times)

Heel Slides:  Lie on your back.  Slide your heel up toward your buttocks, then slide it back down.  Do not lift you heel from the bed.  (10 Times)

Hip Abduction:  Lie on your back.  Place a pillow or folded towel between your knees to rmind you to not cross midline.  Slide your entire leg out to one side and back to the pillow, keeping the knee straight. (10 Times)

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My Questions and His Answers

OK….so I really need to know some answers to my questions. I won’t have answers until my pre-op appt on 12/29…but figured I should start writing them down.

  1. When will I be able to put weight on my hip?  Dr. Tim says that he wants me on crutches for 2 weeks.  He says that he KNOWS I will want to put full weight on my hip before then, but he wants to make sure that I gradually add the weight and give the joint time to heal.
  2. When will I be able to swim? He is recommending that I wait 1 month.
  3.  When will I be able to Spin?  No spinning until the 3 months are over.  Spinning puts pressure on the socket and he wants the initial bone growth into the new “bionics” <– my word not his, to be uninterrupted.
  4. When will I be able to go back to work? He said I would be able to go back to work when I am ready.  He suggested a reentry into the workforce
  5. Can I do pushups?  1 Month.
  6. What is the most therapeutic position during recovery?  Can I sit at a desk? Yes I can sit at a desk, but I should get up periodically and walk around.  (Again, Dr. Tim’s suggestions as far as reaclimating to work…were a bit extreme – but I didn’t think he’d mind if I didn’t completely follow those suggestions).
  7. When will I realize that hip replacement surgery is not an out-patient thing?  Answered:  I actually did think it was an outpatient procedure.  Talking with Mark the pizza guy – who had his hip replaced…….I figured I’d be walking out the door on crutches the same day and tossing the crutches the next.  Tommy Tommy Tommmy sooooo much to learn.  I will be in the hospital for 3 days.  But I will have a computer and my iphone and words-with-friends, plus a few books that my boys thought I would find entertaining while I’m cooped up.

Other things:

  • I can do upper body work (lifting) but not while standing.  As a matter of
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