My Hip Story

Hello everyone. I am 26 days post op from an anterior mako-robotic TRHR. Although it’s been 15 years of hip problems. This is my fourth surgery on this hip, and I’m trying to come to terms that it won’t be my last as I won’t give up running.  More specifically, I won’t give up running long.

I’ve been a runner my whole life.  I remember the thrill of running my first mile in gym class at 12 years old.  I was a very competitive 400m hurdler in high school.  Even though I decided not to run at the collegiate level so I could focus on engineering, running was always with me.  Ran marathons in early 2000 before it was cool to be a marathoner.

Ran sporadically before and after the birth of my kids, but once the second was born, I tried to get back to running. A few months into a half marathon training program, I started to feel a pain in my groin. The pain stopped when I stopped running, so of course I ignored it.  Until the pain couldn’t be ignored any more. A MRI revealed I had a tear in my labrum.  Had the arthroscopic surgery to clean out the tear in December 2007.  A few weeks of physical therapy and I was told I was good to run again.  About 1.5 years after that surgery, I was on a 10 mile run when I had a familiar pain. This time I stopped running immediately and called my orthopedic surgeon. Another tear. Another surgery. In November 2009, they went in and this time tried to cut bone to reduce the impingement (I had FAI).

Same scenario – I was told I could run again.  Although when the pain came a year later, I was learning how to scuba dive. The weight of the tanks on my back crushed my hip.  My orthopedic surgeon said he had never seen such a bad case of arthritis happen so quickly.  Due to my age (42 at the time), he referred me to a surgeon who specialized in hip resurfacing. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

9 months post surgery

9 months after left THJR and 13 months after right THJR. First parkrun since lockdown today, 24:06. I cheekily left a lot in the tank to keep some motivation for next week, coasting the last km, and still got my fastest run since surgery by a stretch.

Only now I am starting to run comfortably. I am doing a regular 15 km run at weekends and starting to get that high feeling at times. During the week I do a couple of short runs/intervals. Once a week I go to the gym, slowly piling up weight on the squatting rack. Last week I was smiling as for the first time I could do slow, controlled lounges putting my back knee on the floor. My orthopod did say 18 months before one can feel as good as it can, and I am finding out how true that is.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

5 months post surgery

I am now 5 months post THJR and I am running regularly, 2-3 times per week. Shortish runs, between 5 and 10km. It still doesn’t feel perfect, a few injuries every now and then, fitness well behind, and a bit stiff after a race. But what a great feeling, and good progress too. See below my parkrun time progression (surgery was at the end of September and only started running in January, before that only walking). Very happy with what I can do with a bit of patience. I am now 48”/km off my PB pace, and I know it will be another year or longer before I can feel as well as one could. Way to go.

29/02/2020 24:49 60.38%
22/02/2020 25:25 58.95%
15/02/2020 26:03 57.52%
08/02/2020 27:08 55.22%
01/02/2020 29:28 50.85%
25/01/2020 29:41 50.48%
04/01/2020 32:14 46.48%
01/01/2020 33:37 44.57%
21/12/2019 34:46 43.10%
14/12/2019 35:07 42.34%
07/12/2019 35:27 41.94%
30/11/2019 36:19 40.94%
23/11/2019 38:04 39.05%
16/11/2019 38:37 38.50%
09/11/2019 44:26 33.46%… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

4 months post-surgery

I went to the local park run today. I started a few intervals and then a few jogs in the last 3 weeks, picking up a torn left calf and an ache in the lateral aspect of the knee just by the fibular head. Injuries caused by slowly improving limp on the left (most recently operated side) which still has a moderate abductors weakness. The injuries are still bothering me but I opted to keep going as long as I don’t make it worse. I managed to run the whole 5k in 29:41, without any walking breaks. Felt good the first 3k, then slowed down due to left calf pain. It’s a far cry off my pre-surgery PB of 20:50 but I feel great, the hips are fine, and it is definitely going to get faster. Now rest then a 7k race in 3 days. Whoo-hoo!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

3 months post-op, 1st jog

Today I have given myself the best New Year present. Right hip done in May 2019, left hip in September 2019. Both were THJR with posterior approach. I still have abductors weakness and a limp on the left, slowly improving. I am now able to reach the floor, squat, and use a rowing machine for the first time after 10 years of very limited mobility. Today (3 months after the second operation) I started alternating 1 min walk with 1 min jog,  finishing a parkrun in 33:37. That’s 13 minutes slower than my pre-op PB but what a great feeling! I will build up from here. Up and onward.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

2 weeks post-op

hi everyone, just joined this club, reading all posts with interest.
I am a 51 year old sardinian-born kiwi, played basketball since before I could read and write, also played recreationally other sports – ice hockey, rugby and soccer. My left hip started with intermittent pain 12 years ago. I took up running 9 years ago when the hip stopped me from performing the turns/rotations that other sports require and, well, caught the bug. Additionally, running allowed me to shed 17Kg and stop antihypertensive+statin that I had been for a few years (creeping up BP and lipids). I am now 71.5 Kg at 6’2″ tall.  I coped well with pain and movement limitation whilst improving my running. Finished 8 marathons and many more shorter races. I ran my PBs (3:43 for marathon and 1:39 for half) only last year. Then my right hip started off and within a few months progressed to more pain than the left. I kept running but not sleeping well at night, problems with high steps/reaching the floor/putting socks convinced me to go for bilateral THR. Conventional, ceramic, lateral approach as advised by OS I trust. Right hip done on May the 30th. Tough first few days to be frank, but now improving 2 weeks out. Still on crutches, no heavy painkillers, only paracetamol and ibuprofen (I think tramadol made me sick and moody the first few days). My recovery is not as smooth as others I read about on this forum – still achy at night, and stepping normally is not possible yet as there is a very painful “catch” if I do that without crutches, but remaining positive. I intend to restart running -it has been too good for me to give up -but won’t rush it. Ideally I would start slowly 4 months after surgery, but the left side procedure will probably come before that. Will post with follow-up on progress, but any comments/suggestions welcome.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Did anyone have hip replacement failure and require 2nd surgery?

Hello, Hip Runners!

I am a 41-year old female and had left anterior THR on 3/21/18. Unfortunately, my recovery has been very difficult.  At the 8-month mark, I am limping by the end of each day and have quite a bit of pain that I can only describe as similar to biting on tinfoil with the old kind of fillings, but in my hip. Furthermore, there is a ping-pong-ball-sized concave depression at the front of my hip on the operated side that is right where the pain is. A similar depression is not on my healthy hip and is new since the surgery.

I have had three follow-up appointments with my Mayo Clinic surgeon (two more than expected) since the surgery. I have been told that the x-ray of the hip joint looks great, though the doctor did not do any x-rays to measure/compare leg length despite my requests. (He said we should wait until the year mark.). I suspect that my operated leg is significantly longer than the other.

Has anyone needed corrective surgery after the initial surgery? I am in more pain than before I had the operation. I am unable to do any of the activities I want.  Continuing to be active is why I had the surgery in the first place.  Even exercise walking is difficult.

I am curious what the second surgery might involve and what my options are? Given the fact that I am healing so poorly, my doctor asked me to come in for a fourth time at the end of this month to discuss options. This is a big disappointment because I was assured that because of my young age, recovery would be a breeze. Ugh.

Thanks, y’all!
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Leg length

Hi, folks!

I am 3 1/2 weeks post left anterior THR.  My left leg feels longer than my right leg, and I sink slightly to the right when I walk.  My partner thought I was over-exaggerating because I was thinking too much about it, but it becomes even more obvious when I try to “speed walk” to avoid thinking about it.

A quick Google search says that this may be normal after surgery, but I am wondering for how long?  My doctor assures me (from X-ray, not follow up) that my legs are equal lengths.  My first follow up is not until the 3 month mark.

Also, at this stage I still have tightness and discomfort in my hip.  I have read so many accounts of people saying, “Yay, the pain is gone!” but that hasn’t been my experience yet.  Just checking in with people who are further along than I to see if any of this is to be expected.

Thanks so much!

Kelly… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – New Members

I remember when I first was told about the arthritis in my hip. “Stop running and find a different sport.” Those words echoed in my head for a very long time. I obeyed and turned to mountain biking. Most of you know the story from there. I gained weight, got out of shape, and who knows, maybe THAT did more damage to my hip then running. So I turned back to running. Lost the weight, got into better shape, and faced the inevitable down the road….Hip Replacement. You know what? It’s not so bad. OK, I know I am just 2.5 years in, but the worst thing that can happen is I will need another. Better that, knowing I am staying in good shape in the meantime, than living an inactive life. There are probably other activities that could maybe keep me in as good of shape, but are they as convenient? Can I just do it out my front door? And for those of you who think turning to stationary bike or elliptical training would be the answer, how many times will you stare at the speck on the wall until you decide it is time to paint the room. No, way. For me and my mental state, running is it. Being out in nature, going to that zone that let’s me forget I am running, so that I can just process….that is the place for me. I think all runner’s on this blog would say the same.

It is time to welcome a boat load of new “Hip” runners….

Mike F – (Hip Replacement in 2007) –  Just checking in on how folks deal with the pain of running postoperative .  I am (was) a serious runner but now stick to the elliptical until a nice day where I am compelled to give another try to running outside. I love being a runner but am facing the wall and need help in breaking through for a few more years of running.

Vicki W –   (She got the Doctor’s Orders) – Day after my surgery Doctor come into my

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Tom – 3 New Hip Runners

It’s been another busy week on Hip Runner as our “Hip” running group continues to grow. Here are our latest 3 members of the “Hip” Runners Club and some of their quotes:

  1. Jim F – Age 71 (Hip replacement 7 years ago)

    Been ultra running for 30+ yrs; 71 year old duffer!  Had HR 7 yrs ago. Been running for last 2 yrs: 1/2 marathons, 10 k.  Doc said no running..BS, I’m running & speed walking! , etc.  Last check up showed no stress fractures or excessive bone growth.

  2.  Jena A – Age 42 (Hip Replacment Scheduled for October 2013)

    just got news today need total hip replacement and feel awful I’m a runner and a personal trainer not happy at all looking for some support…..

  3. Mark Kelley – (Hip Replacement May 2012)

    I had a total hip replacement May 2012. I was a triathlete since 1984 so now I will do Aquabikes which are swim and bike races.

We are all a unique group of runners/overachievers.  Who knows, maybe down the road people will be wanting to get hip replacements just to be members of this elite group…..

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Welcome to our Newest Hip Runner

I received an email from Yvonne last week. She had her hip replaced in June 2012. Yvonne had fought off hip pain since she was a child. But it took wearing green high heels to work during the summer of 2011 for the pain to come back and never go away. The doctor is discouraging her from running, but she went out looking for a second opinion and found this website. She “gets” running. Here is what she said in her email (which I asked her to repost):

“I want to run. I want the music in my ears at just the perfect beat. I want the breeze past me.”

She wants to run again. Looking forward to her colorful posts in the near future.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Welcome Hip Runner Gregg

WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER OF THE CLUB.   Gregg Ellis is an ultra runner who is 12 days past his new hip replacement.  He is going to be posting regularly about his progress.  Welcome Gregg!

Here is what Gregg had to say…….

I’m an ultra runner from Calhoun, Ga and I just had a hip replacement 12 days ago. I have been reading for the last couple of months and it has really helped me during these tough times. I was diagnosed with a vascular necrosis about 9 months ago and it progressed rather quickly. It went from stage 1 to stage 4 in less than 4 months. I know I already had my surgery 12 days ago but I would like to become part of the club and to start writing about my progress/setbacks etc.


Watch for Gregg’s posts….soon…..


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Tom – Looking Forward

I found myself wide awake this morning at 2:00 am.  Just staring at the ceiling.  My mind wandered off to last night’s workout with the SDP boys.  I finally had a workout where nothing was tight and nothing hurt.  I felt strong.  Then I started thinking about getting myself back to the way I used to be.  It occurred to me that I might be motivating myself in the wrong way.

As I lay there…the concept of “looking back” kept popping into my head.  That took me way back in time when I was in High School at a track meet.  I remember watching our 4×400 relay team.  For the first 2 legs, we had a comfortable lead.  The third member of the team was fast,  but he had a knack for looking back.  During his leg, he kept looking back to see how close the next runner was to him.  As he kept looking over his shoulder, the gap between him and the next runner kept getting smaller.   Eventually he was overtaken, and we lost the relay.

I have been spending a lot of time looking back and trying to get back to the athlete I used to be. It occurred to me that  maybe I have been limiting myself by looking back so much.  Sure I needed time to heal after the hip replacement, and looking back helped me to get through that process.  But now I am feeling it is time to let go of the past and “stryke” (as in Stryker Hip Replacement) a new course.   I will allow myself to occasionally look back and fondly recall my past performances,  but they will remain in the past.  I will not use them to drive me forward, nor will I compare as much.  Just being able to get back to running and compete is a blessing.  Every day is a new and exciting day and every faster time that I achieve over the previous time with this new hip, is a new record for me.  I have always been a competitor, so I am not … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – Winter Running

Last week, it was great to lay down the first tracks in the fresh snow.  This week…that snow has been walked on, melted and frozen again.  THAT makes for some serious unneven surfaces.  The hip is feeling it today.  8 miles. But it was sunny outside, and I try not to miss to many runs when the sun is shining.  Feeling it a little bit today.

Placed my first order for Brooks apparel last night.  I am going to be dressed to the hilt in Brooks gear.   Looking forward to when the gear arrives in about 10 days.  Maybe by then the weather conditions will have improved.  HOPEfully this snow will melt and I can start picking up the quality again.   Brooks is expecting me to R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T….and I don’t plan to disappoint.

Tomorrow is a rest day….I have a coaches meeting during my lunch hour to discuss the upcoming Spring Track Season… my normal noon workout is out.  I have to admit….I won’t mind a little rest…..just a little….… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hope and Optimism Paying Off

Going into this whole thing almost a year ago, it would have been easy to have a feeling of hopelessness about returning to running. The problem with that approach was that it would have made each day hard to wake up to. Instead, as I have said in the past, I have tried to remain hopeful and optimistic. While there have been moments where my hope and optimism ebbed, I am certain that this positive approach has been beneficial in speeding up my return to running and a happier life in general. I don’t have a crystal ball to tell me what the future holds, but if my rate of recovery matches that of 2012, than I remain optimistically hopeful for continued improvement. Stay tuned for the 1 year (52 week) report, when I recap the highlights of year number 1.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


In recent years, I have become a Brooks guy. When I started training with the SDP boys, I noticed many of them wore Brooks running shoes.  Once I tried, them, I never looked back.  I just received notice that Brooks will be sponsoring me as a “Unique Story”  in their 2013 “Inspire Daily” program.   I am excited.  There are things I have to do to commit to the contract.  For instance, I can  only wear Brooks running gear at racing events  and advertise Brooks on this Blog.  That will all be easy enough, but the coolest thing is that in return, I will get some gear and some swag.  I am especially excited about the swag because I can use it to motivate kids that I coach in XC and Track.  I am also eligible forI some positive media awards.  I’m not completely sure what that means, but its exciting to be a part of the program. And with the help of my friends in the “Hip Runner’s Club”, I am hoping that 2013 will bring more depth and breadth to this blog as more individuals come on board to tell their stories.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Senseless Tragedy

I have never been preachy.  I started this blog to use as an outlet and a distraction while I recovered from my total hip replacement.  Today I am using it as an outlet again, but not for anything health or running related.  Today, I was reminded how small and miniscule my worries, pains and concerns are compared to others. Today a tragedy beyond comprehension occurred in Connecticut that resulted in the loss of many young school children and several adults.  It is haunting me at this moment.

A young and disturbed man came into a  classroom, and then proceeded to kill kids at random.  Some other adults were killed as well.   WHY???!!!  How could someone’s soul become so dark that they would be willing to act out in this manner?  I want to try to understand the motives of the gunman and what caused this senseless act to happen, but it is not working.  HOW COWARDLY!!! HOW SELFISH!!!!

I’m a coach.  I’m a father.  I revel in the way kids teach me about the joy and excitement of life through their sheer wonder of the little things in their world.  But today, I hurt for the children who died.  I hurt for their classmates who had to witness the terror;  many will be scarred for life for what they were exposed to today.  They were just babies!!!! And the thing that tugs at me the most is that there are many parents who will not be able to hug and kiss their child tonight before bedtime.

As simple as it may sound, I’m imagining those babies…in God’s arms, laughing, giggling, and feeling safe in his warm embrace.  That is what is getting me by at this moment.  Admittedly, I don’t sit down and pray too often, but I’ve said a few today.  If you have a moment …. say a prayer for those children, their parents, and every single person on this earth who was affected by the acts of this one disturbed man.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Running isn’t work for me….

Every day I drive by a billboard on my way to work.  It is an advertisement for positive changes through hypnosis.  I never really read the billboard closely until yesterday morning.   It was a question that said…..”What if you really liked to exercise?”.  Really?  It actually made me realize that the “thing” that I take for granted, the “thing” that I like to do on a regular basis, the “thing” that keeps me centered… not the “thing” for a lot of people.  Instead its a chore.  Wow….all I can say is lucky me.

I received news from soon-to-be hip brother IRA who just completed his last run before the big day….(Monday)……here’s what he had to say…

I completed my last organized run before surgery and I  was satisfied. It was a brisk, sunny and slightly breezy day that made for good views of the City of Philadelphia and the Camden NJ waterfront from atop the Benjamin Franklin bridge. I finished the Run the Bridge 10k in 1:15:17.  Penguin speed, but not that much off my usual time.  This should hold me over until I am well enough to begin running again.  I will miss the annual Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell runs but I look forward to participating in these and other events with a new and improved hip.”

He is going to keep us posted on how he progresses.  He also asked me if I was put completely under during my hip surgery.  I thought everyone was completely out when they had hip replacements.   Apparently his doctor mentioned something about an epidural?  Wow!  Can you imagine that?  Being awake to see the miracle of a Total Hip Replacement happening right before your eyes?  To hear the sawing….to feel the pounding…..If I could do it all over again….the REBEL in me…….WOULD-STILL-WANT-TO-BE-COMPLETELY-OUT!  There is no FREAKING way I would want to be witness to that.  I posted what REALLY HAPPENS in this post.  IRA.  If you are awake during your surgery….then I am shaving off all of the hair on my chest and mailing it to  you.  Simple as … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)