Al W – 8 Weeks post THR

After hip trauma on Sunday, June 31st (cycling accident drafting behind my 28 yo son), I had a THR Monday, July 1. I was fortunate to have a top notch surgeon; mine was his 11th THR that day! Now I’m cane free and almost completely pain free. I sleep through the night and am doing the FX shuffle like so many other club members. Last night, for example, I covered 3 miles in 30 minutes, did hip abductor machines and walked on a treadmill until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I really want to run again.

The 38th edition of the Philadelphia Distance Run (13.1)(now the Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon) is coming up the weekend of September 22nd. Along with some 30+ other people, I’ve complete all 37 previous races. I’m considering the upcoming race. Am I crazy? I did walk a 5 mile circuit this past Sunday (August 22) without assistance and no obvious wear and tear. Is it realistic to think I can cover 13.1 at a 3.3 mph pace if my progress, which seems superb so far, continues as is. Feedback welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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