Psoas tendon cut?

Hello, Hip Runners!

I had an anterior left THR in March 2018. Unfortunately, I am in more pain today – one year post-surgery – than prior to the surgery.  One of the options the doctor mentioned today was to cut the psoas tendon. Does anyone have experience with this? What are the risks/downsides? The outcome doesn’t sound great, especially as I am only 42 years old.

I am wondering:

1) Does this imply that my surgery was performed incorrectly or that my hip implant is the wrong size?

2) Is this the only option? I have rather intense hip and groin pain as well as pins & needles in my left foot.  The surgeon says he has no explanation for the pins & needles in my left foot.

Any advice appreciated.


P.S. If I had the choice to repeat, I would NOT choose the anterior approach. I was absolutely oversold and the outcome has frankly been miserable.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Did anyone have hip replacement failure and require 2nd surgery?

Hello, Hip Runners!

I am a 41-year old female and had left anterior THR on 3/21/18. Unfortunately, my recovery has been very difficult.  At the 8-month mark, I am limping by the end of each day and have quite a bit of pain that I can only describe as similar to biting on tinfoil with the old kind of fillings, but in my hip. Furthermore, there is a ping-pong-ball-sized concave depression at the front of my hip on the operated side that is right where the pain is. A similar depression is not on my healthy hip and is new since the surgery.

I have had three follow-up appointments with my Mayo Clinic surgeon (two more than expected) since the surgery. I have been told that the x-ray of the hip joint looks great, though the doctor did not do any x-rays to measure/compare leg length despite my requests. (He said we should wait until the year mark.). I suspect that my operated leg is significantly longer than the other.

Has anyone needed corrective surgery after the initial surgery? I am in more pain than before I had the operation. I am unable to do any of the activities I want.  Continuing to be active is why I had the surgery in the first place.  Even exercise walking is difficult.

I am curious what the second surgery might involve and what my options are? Given the fact that I am healing so poorly, my doctor asked me to come in for a fourth time at the end of this month to discuss options. This is a big disappointment because I was assured that because of my young age, recovery would be a breeze. Ugh.

Thanks, y’all!
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Questions at Week 5

For those of you who are further along in your recovery:

* How long did it take before you were not limping at all?

* How long did it take before you had no pain or discomfort in the operated hip/leg?

* How long does it take before the operated hip and the healthy hip feel the same? (That is, you can’t tell that you had surgery except for the scar.)

* Under categories, how do I set up a personalized Reports category?  At one point, I remember seeing a Q&A category, but I can’t see where to mark this post as Q&A now.  Advice appreciated.

I am Week 5 post anterior left THR, age 41.  I may need a right THR, but my doctor wants to wait three months minimum before a second surgery.  I’m surprised/disappointed by how much my operated hip still hurts – not at the scar site, but the ache at the crease between leg and torso, including throbbing pain at night. Nonetheless, my doctor assures me that I am on track. I had one week of extremely painful nerve pain that felt like rolling in broken glass down the side of my operated leg and on backside, but that has ended. I do have substantial pins and needles in my left foot. I wonder if this is contributing to my tendency to limp? I can walk long distances, though my stride feels restricted, and I’m not too fast. After a long walk, I will be limping somewhat at the end of the day – much like walking after sitting in a car on a long road trip. I’m just frustrated because I think my expectations for recovery were set too high. I’m not at all near running. As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel rather like the tin man pre-oil can. Open to suggestions!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Leg length

Hi, folks!

I am 3 1/2 weeks post left anterior THR.  My left leg feels longer than my right leg, and I sink slightly to the right when I walk.  My partner thought I was over-exaggerating because I was thinking too much about it, but it becomes even more obvious when I try to “speed walk” to avoid thinking about it.

A quick Google search says that this may be normal after surgery, but I am wondering for how long?  My doctor assures me (from X-ray, not follow up) that my legs are equal lengths.  My first follow up is not until the 3 month mark.

Also, at this stage I still have tightness and discomfort in my hip.  I have read so many accounts of people saying, “Yay, the pain is gone!” but that hasn’t been my experience yet.  Just checking in with people who are further along than I to see if any of this is to be expected.

Thanks so much!

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Day 5 post-surgery

Hi, hippies!

I am a 41-year-old female who had a left anterior approach THR on 3/21/18. Nights #1 and #2 I spent in the hospital (an extra night due to nausea/vomiting from anesthesia).

I live alone. Night #3 my mother stayed with me, but I was able to move around by myself with a walker. (I was told by the doctor that “young people” usually prefer crutches.  I like the walker with wheels for getting around the house.) Since then, I have been able to take care of myself around the house mostly independently. I get a little nervous taking a shower but usually do that during the day when a friend stops by.

A few questions for those of you post-surgery:

1) I have read several accounts that people do not experience the same level of pain post-THR surgery. I still experience a deep pain in my hip that is worse than before surgery, though certainly I am improving each day in terms of mobility.  I also have a slight sense of pins & needles in my left hip, inner thigh and left foot, though no numbness or paralysis.  Was this your experience / Is this normal?

2) What was your exercise regimen in the weeks after surgery? I don’t need to be ambitious, but I was given very little instruction besides “walk a lot.” Wondering what “a lot” means?

3) I was told that I need to wait a minimum of 3 months before having my other hip replaced.  Any advice about how long to wait (e.g., get it all over with now vs. give yourself a year before you go through this again)?

4) Netflix recommendations? 🙂

I had posted previously about my worries regarding scarring from surgery. On that front, I am very pleased! In theory, I could still wear short shorts and the scar would not show.  Day 1 pic attached:

Thank you in advance for your feedback!  I am so grateful for this site! 🙂

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Anterior v. Posterior & scars

Hi, friends!

I am 40 years old & healthy weight.  I have an upcoming THR surgery scheduled for 12/19/17.  I was told initially that my surgery would be anterior approach; I found out today that my surgeon only does posterior approach.

I’d ever so much appreciate your feedback about the following:

1) Among runners, is there a preferred approach, anterior or posterior?

2) Is it true that both approaches have about the same outcome?

3) How bad/long/sunken are the posterior scars?  From where to where exactly are the anterior scars?  Is there a specific place on this site or other sites where I can review pics of scars and compare?

The doc today was quite irritated and dismissive about any of my questions related to anterior THR.  “I don’t do that, so I’m not going to answer that.”  I managed to arrange a consult with the one doctor at Mayo Clinic who performs anterior THRs before my surgery day so I can call off the posterior surgery if needed.  This, of course, would be quite stressful as I’ve arranged my life to recover from surgery over the holidays.

I’m not sure why I fear the posterior scar as much as I do.  I have an ACL scar that has never bothered me at all.  Given that I am female and curvy, I just don’t want a surgery that would noticeably deform my figure, and I have some concerns about the butt muscle being “split.”

4) Is a split glut muscle a big deal, or not a big deal?

5) The doc said today that the anterior scar is much uglier than the posterior scar.  Is that true?

All feedback/advice is much appreciated!  Please and thank you.


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Recommended exercises/activities prior to surgery?

Hi, friends!

Are there any suggestions for helpful exercises or activities to do before surgery to keep in best-running-possible-post-surgery shape?

Everything I have read so far has indicated that if you were a runner before surgery, then it is more likely that you can be a runner after surgery.  I have not run for the past two years, mostly because it is difficult for me to kick my legs out far enough to find a comfortable stride.  I didn’t even realize this was due to arthritic hips until recently.  (I’m only 40 years old, not much pain.)  MRIs revealed that I will need both hips replaced, but the doc wants to start with just one.  Left THR scheduled for 12/19/17.

ALSO, does anyone have any information about how/why doctors decide to do one hip at a time vs. both at once?  I’m disappointed that I can’t have both replaced at once and just get it over with.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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