Don – Give Me Iron for a 5K – Drake Relays Race Recap

It has been awhile since my last blog back in February when I finished last at the Lace Up for Breast Cancer Half Marathon in Rochester, MN. What I have learned since then is that I have iron deficiency anemia.

I found that some runners suffered this condition. The condition did explain my physical conditions, feeling grumpy, feeling weak or tired more often than usual, or with exercise, headaches and problems concentrating. I was given two series of iron infusions. Right away I started feeling better. I was able to enjoy running again while putting in my miles to regain my cardio.

This brings me up to to-date since my last race. It has been a slow road to recover, at least it sure felt like it.

This week is my return to “racing.” I raced down at the 5K down at the Drake Relays. I wish I was ready for either the 10K or half, but want to get back at a reasonable rate.

bib number:







Garner, IA

overall place:

965 out of 2118

division place:

34 out of 79

gender place:

531 out of 924






Number of Finishers:2,118

Number of Females:1,194

Number of Males:       924

Average Time:         38:20

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Don – A New First – Dead Last – Race Report

Lace Up Against Breast Cancer

Mayo High School, 11th Avenue Southeast, Rochester, MN, United States


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anyone who know us, knows that my family and I are survivors of breast cancer.  Of course my wife is the one that had dealt with the pain and mental anguish as the best doctors, nurses and hospitals found, removed and treated the big C that was in her body. She was been free of that terrible disease for over 13 years.

Last year Lace Up Against Breast Cancer was canceled due to weather. I thought that it would be canceled this year with the temperatures at -10F and wind chills below -25F when we hit the road. By the time we arrived in Rochester, it warmed up to -2.

This would be my first half marathon in Minnesota, and for a cause that we are deeply involved and support.

After we arrived. Anita found Amy, voluntary point of contact for her assignment, and I completed the registration.

The race followed a bike path trail along the river and it was packed with snow. In spots, the snow covered ice. Around mile 5-6 I fell when going under a bridge. All I can say it rattled me and I slowed down. The volunteers along the way we very supportive and encouraging.

By the time I hit the finish line, it was gone!

I have to admit that voice inside my head, wanted to give up and get a ride back to the high school. But every time I was asked, I replied, “No, I’m good. Just really slow today.” I my mind, I was thinking, that my wife never gave up during her fight. This run in the crazy cold is a piece of cake compared to that fight many have been through before.

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Don – University of Okoboji WINTER GAMES 5K Race Report

Cold Runs ou5k_o</a><br />

The weather was cold. No doubt about that. The drive to Spirit Lake made me aware of the high winds and cold, icy conditions. After I picked up my packet I drove the 5K route and made note of the challenge ahead.
At the start, I was cold and the first ¼ mile was slippery
and had many icy spots. After that I was in my grove and not crowded. The only problem was my breathing. I wasn’t quite over a cold that I had all week long.
I have started this year by running with Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run method in hope not to be so fatigued after the race and for a strong finish. I was soon racing against a couple people but with one man that had the same pace I
had. It was fun and with Jeff’s method I was able to pull ahead at the 2 and
half mile mark. At the last turn before the finish I seen him putting the
pedal to the metal and I was able to hold him off.

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Don Johnson aka donj51 – Introduction

I am in the 50+ age group. I have had two hip replacements. The last one was in Oct of 1999.

I have to say I am new to running, this will be my third season coming up. I got into running after a geocaching event where I placed 10th. I have ran one marathon, but my training was not the best. I finished in 6 1/2 hours. I love running half’s and just enjoy getting into my zone during my long runs. The running has paid off and I placed third in my age group at this last years event.

I look forward to reading about ya’ll and getting to know you.

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