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This is MN Michael. Don’t lose heart. Bursitis can be overcome. Have you seen a physical therapist to get a routine of exercises and stretches to strengthen the hip and leg muscles to decrease the stress that is causing the bursitis? If PT is not an option for you, there are a lot of youtube videos with exercises for “bursitis.” The current name for it is “greater trochanteric pain syndrome.” I would search for that instead of bursitis. There is greater understanding now that what used to be thought to be bursitis inflammation is instead a broader set of issues beyond the bursa. People had been getting the cortisone to reduce inflammation in the bursa but the problem was elsewhere. I suspect also that your hip replacement changed your gait which stressed different muscles from before which makes exercises even more important. I, too, got a cortisone shot for what they thought was bursitis but later was diagnosed as arthritis. I hope you find a solution.