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Hello AK and I believe you are doing great!
I ask the same questions you have of my doc and PT and while both are highly respected and they have given me insights, I believe ONLY YOU truly know if you are doing too much. Last Sat 18 weeks post-op, I ran a hot and hilly road 10K in 46:39. I have not done any speed work nor specific distance training; roughly just going out and shuffling / jogging 12 to 16 miles per week. That time is about 2-2:30 minutes off of what I could run a 10K in last fall, post op when I was running about 20 miles per week with some occasional speed work. My gauge on if I am doing too much is if I have any significant fatigue or pain both on the operated and non-operated sides. My biggest challenge in the last two months is adjusting to my new “alignment“ or “structure“… i’ve had some aches and pains on my non-operated side and a fairly significant hamstring pull on the nonoperated side… listen to your body, know and trust your self!