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I had my first THR in May 2017 and other hip back Sept. 2020. I quit running back in 2017 and picked up tennis and walk long distances. I did run minimal distance after my 2017 hip replacement and did a lot of singles tennis. Now that I’m back to walking again longer distances still two months out from being able to play doubles tennis. Moving forward. I’ve decided I will stick to long distance walking, biking, lap swimming and double tennis. No more pounding for me because my PT told me a few months ago that she could tell when she was working on me that I was having some arthritis in one of my knees. I want to save my knees. I’d rather go do a thru-hike of the AT then run. I don’t feel like running is worth it anymore and I would encourage anyone on this site to think long term. Trust me. I was a long distance runner, Ironman triathlete for over 30 years. I get it. Just my thoughts. ~Jen