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Hi Stuart. I was a marathoner once as well. Never fast enough to qualify for Boston though. I had THP on both hips in 2016 (May and September) at 54. I ended up having problems with the 2nd (left) and a staph infection, and needed a to have that replaced through a stage 2 THP, which meant I had to hop around with an antibiotic spacer for 4 months, which sucked. But in July of 2018, I got my new left hip. All is well now and I run 3 times a week, but very short mileage (7 miles a week), but can walk very quickly with no problem and put in quite a few walking miles as well. I run and walk with no pain. My advice is to have both hips done at least 6 months to a year apart. Not sure why I got an infection, but part of me thinks maybe if I had waited a bit longer between, my immune system might have been stronger and able to fend off the infection. Look for a ortho. that understands your active history and that you want to get back to that. You will so appreciate not being in pain. But listen to your body and don’t rush things. Best of luck