Zero Runner! Zero Impact!


Top 10 Reasons why Hip Runners should consider the Zero Runner:

  1. Prevents injury during recovery.
  2. Improves running mechanics.
  3. Endorsed by running professionals (see below).
  4. Allows you to go farther and faster.
  5. Supplements road miles without beating up the body.
  6. Gives you the ability to track pace and total mileage with zero impact.
  7. Preserves your training log miles.
  8. Gives the joints a break from training on hard surfaces.
  9. Its quiet operation allows you to train even when the rest of the house is asleep.
  10. It will make you faster (See below)
  11. It will save your sanity!

The Zero Runner will make you faster

Not convinced by us?  Check out this link from a neutral party:


“I am a big believer in cross training for my team.  I have seen first hand the negative impact too much running can have on a runner – whether a casual or elite runner.  My athletes have used different forms of cross training for years with great success.  The Zero Runner replicates a running motion better than any cross training device I have seen.  Run specific cross training greatly improves my athletes ability to stay healthy and compete.” – Alberto Salazar

“The Zero Runner has become a fun and helpful addition to my training. By mostly off-road running and supplementing with Zero Runner sessions, my foot and the rest of my body stay healthy. In fact, I have found the added benefit of the Zero Running is to actually mobilize my ankle and strengthen my running mechanics. Its action is probably as close to running as you can get.” – Paula Radcliffe

“The Zero Runner is an amazing tool for runners.  Whether you are coming back from an injury, or wanting to add cardiovascular fitness without pounding your legs, it is the perfect workout to complement running.  I have tried endless different types of exercise equipment over the years, but the Zero Runner is the closest to actual running that I have ever experienced.  It is now a part of my routine and it is helping me get stronger and faster without adding unnecessary stress to my legs.” – Kara Goucher

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