The Post Surgery Exercise Routine

Now that I’m home, I’ve been put on a physical therapy regimen that I must do 3 times each day.  These exercises are such a far cry from old me….but it’s a start.  This is the routine:

Ankle Pumps: Sitting or lying position, point your feet down and pull your feet up.  (10 Times)

Quad Sets (Thigh Tightening):  Lie on your back.  With hip and knee straight, tighten the muscles on top of the thigh, pushing the back of the knee into the bed.  Hold at least 5 counts, then relax. (10 Times)

Buttock Squeeze:  Squeeze your buttocks together.  Hold at least 5 counts, then relax.  (10 Times)

Heel Slides:  Lie on your back.  Slide your heel up toward your buttocks, then slide it back down.  Do not lift you heel from the bed.  (10 Times)

Hip Abduction:  Lie on your back.  Place a pillow or folded towel between your knees to rmind you to not cross midline.  Slide your entire leg out to one side and back to the pillow, keeping the knee straight. (10 Times)


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  1. Hopefully someone will see this and help me out. A few days ago (shortly after my THR on 3/21/2018) I registered with HipRunners. I got an automated email response saying that my account would be activated shortly and that I would be notified. It’s be a few days and nothing. However, I see on the list of members that my name and user name are listed. But I can’t post. I get a response saying that my account isn’t activated yet. Would whoever reads this notify the site admin. User name is “ForceD”



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