The first week: steady improvement each day

Hi all you inspiring hip runners

Here’s a slightly belated post on the first week following surg.


I am on day 6 following a THR of my left hip, and am feeling pretty good! It’s much better than I imagined 5 1/2 days ago. I just completed my longest walk so far (not quite 2km) with one crutch, and just tested walking up & down stairs and it feels almost like normal, easier than walking.

Indoors I am walking mostly without crutches, but when I feel tired I started using one.

I don’t really have pain now, but my hip has a ‘funny bone’ feel to it, and the operated leg feels longer when I walk. When I stand, though, it feels normal, so I’m hoping this is due to swelling.

Here’s how the previous 5 days went.

Day 1:

In France you must meet with the anesthesiologist a few weeks before the surgery, and to my surprise I was given the choice of general anesthesia vs radicular anesthesia + ‘sleepy gas’ – I chose the latter, to avoid the nausea.

It worked like a charm, and my head, at least, was fully alert by the time I got to the wake-up room in the early afternoon. It took my legs and especially the bladder longer to wake up!

There they hooked me up to liquid iron since my hemoglobin was low, and about an hour after surgery I was back in my room, dying for some food at last.

That evening the physio had me get up and use the crutches to walk, very gingerly, around my bed.

No dizziness, but I was surprised/alarmed at the pain. This was much worse than the permanent, dull ache that I had going into surgery! And my operated leg feels longer! Focused on tasks at hand (like getting in & out of bed) to put off panic.

I was instructed to do 10 reps of a few basic exercises every hour. I didn’t quite manage every hour, but was surprised that glute bridges were pretty painless, much better than walking.

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Rick G. – THR Update

Sorry for not providing updates, the Army has kept me busy these past couple of months. Throw-in the Holidays, and you can imagine. Well, since my initial post, I was on my way to my first of two THRs, but a pre-surgery MRI revealed that I had a growth on my left kidney. Long story short, all is OK. A follow-on CT scan revealed that I have benign cycts and my left kidney function is not compromised. So, I’ve been cleared for a right hip THR on February 4. Now, my wife and I have to figure out where I’m going to live during my recuperation post surgery. Our house is an old Kansas farmhouse without a shower in the first floor. I think I can climb stairs going up, but I think that coming down is going to be another story. I’m hoping that some of you can provide some input on how to get the house ready for this surgery.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)