Nigel – After 6 months of silence, an update!

Hi Everyone
Well – I should have had my hip resurfacing at the end of January but I didn’t! It’s been a long haul, this first half of 2014.
My operation was postponed because, when I was fully examined in the pre-operative clinic, it turned out that my slow pulse was not because I was super-fit, but because I had sick sinus syndrome. Basically, my heart’s electrics are faulty and there were long pauses between beats of as long as 4 seconds, followed by little flurries of activity andf I also have a stratospheric blood pressure. The anaesthetist, an old friend, said “I’m not touching you until you’ve got a pacemaker in!”. That was due to happen on the 8th of February but – I was admitted to hospital with a really high temperature which turned out to be pneumonia on the 3rd! (Where my pulse was monitored 24/7 and dropped to 18 beats per minute at least twice.) This meant that the cardiology guys didn’t want to start putting things into my heart while there was infection present and certainly not before endo-carditis was ruled out.
I got my pacemaker on March 20th and then had to wait until May 15th for it to be checked and for the parameters to be tweaked a bit. Only then could my family doctor let the orthopaedic team know that I was once again fit for surgery! Which he did, and after a lightning fast passage through the system for a second time, I am having my hip done next Tuesday and will be able to become a FULL member of this elite club.
I had to stop running mid-February. The pain was simply too much and now even walking is a major effort, even with morphine and paracetamol (I’m allergic, big time, to ibuprofen so I avoid NSAIDs. I have kept fit though, by going to the gym on alternate days and spending 45 minutes or so on cross-trainers and things and fast walking on the treadmill. Despite working out very intensively, I’ve put on 6kg in weight since I stopped … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)