‘How to Run with a Hip Relacement’ eBook

Hi all.
I’ve been absent from the blog for some time now, but I haven’t been idle. A foot injury has kept me from running (now much improved) so I poured my energy into writing an eBook, ‘How to Run with a Hip Replacement’.


A presumptuous title as running with a hip replacement is a tricky business and there are as many ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ approaches as there are opinions – as we all know. However I’ve taken a stab at throwing my thoughts down and put it on Amazon’s bookshelves. The 90 page eBook is available for a nominal  fee ($2.99) – I just looked and people are already purchasing it.

I’m hoping that it will let a runner or two know that all is not lost when they are told that a hip replacement is on the cards, and that they are not alone either.

I will update the contents occasionally so let me know if you would like a subject covered or something corrected. I’ve already spotted a few errors that I need to change. If you do read it and think you’d like to review it on Amazon, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve put a link to this blog in the Resources section at the back of the book, I hope you don’t mind. Now that it’s finished (whew!) I can put some writing energy into a blog or two.

Oh, you can buy the eBook through Amazon by clicking this link.

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