Survey: Please assist us in collecting important information about Hip Replacement Surgery

Hello Fellow Hiprunners:

My name is Christopher Kelsall, managing editor of Athletics Illustrated at, an online magazine all about the sport of running and field events.

In partnership with, we are collecting data through a survey to find out more about quality of life for people who have had hip replacements and would like to remain active, especially with running. Your feedback with the survey is very important to the success of the collection process. Thank you in advance for filling out the survey.

Currently, as you may well know, after consulting with your surgeon, that there is little to no data available about the quality of life for runners who choose to continue to run after hip replacement surgery. There is no real data on lifetimes of various products specific to runners, best practices and volume of training recommended.

With your help, we can have information available to the medical community for improving prosthetics, surgical practices and to better inform surgeons and all other medical practitioners like physiotherapists and physiologist with data that can provide correlations for results.

Perhaps one day, surgeons will tell patients, “please, run all you want,” because they will have confidence in the empirical data collected directly from you, the hip replacement patient – I am one too and will be filling out the survey.

No personal information will be shared by Athletics Illustrated or by Hiprunner at any time. All data collected will be used only for the purpose of understanding the demands that active people put on the skillset of the surgeons as well as the quality of the product related to their activity levels.

Thank you very much for participating. Please share with anyone you know who has had the surgery.

Please see survey form here >>

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