Summer base phase (ala Arthur Lydiard) nearly done

This is a 30-35K route (dignified exit part way, if needed), note the climbing. The idea is to replicate the Waiaturua 22 miler of Lydiard’s. Not quite as long, not quite as high, but very similar. Done this about six times.

I intended to get in 100 kilometres per week throughout the summer, for a summer base phase, ala the great and legendary Arthur Lydiard. But being slower than I was pre-hip, the time it takes to run the metric version of 100 is what it used to take me to run the imperial measure. So, time spent running is a better way to measure things than accumulated kms or miles.

So, in eight to eight-and-a-half hours run weekly, there was plenty of 80-85 kilometre weeks. For you Americans: 50-53 miles per week. It is pretty much all I have to give. I did run a 100K, or 62M or so once or twice.

In the context of “working with what you have,” I ran my base phase and did increase my volume a little and overall enough to get fatigued with some long runs, tempos and lots of easy running. Some strides, drills and gentle fartleks.

I am on Vancouver Island, but this picture here is a smaller island called Hornby Island, a two-ferry trip from Vancouver Island. In summer, the ocean water is warmer than lake water for quite a stretch out to 200m or 300m, as you can see in this image. It was a boy’s trip, and this is where I got in 100-plus kms.

So, now to move into the quality phase. I am skipping the Lydiard hill phase, as all runs are hilly, and some are ridiculously hilly. Job done.

I do not have much in race plans until January, then I will race every other week for 16 weeks, so if I can move the fitness needle a little. I will, however, probably run a 5K on Oct. 8.

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