Subsidence of femoral implant

I am about 6 weeks post replacement.  At 4 weeks I had my first post op visit and my x-ray indicated about a 5mm subsidence from the original position of the femoral implant.  Dr. instructed me to basically repeat my first month post surgery routine for another month.  I am about 2 weeks into that period and feel very well.  Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and what your outcome was.  My intension, like most of us, is to be back on the road preparing to run my next marathon (Marine Corps– October 2021). Do I need to be concerned at all?  This experience has pretty much been pain free to this point.  Thank you very much.

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      I am about 6 weeks post replacement.  At 4 weeks I had my first post op visit and my x-ray indicated about a 5mm subsidence from the original position
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      As I understand it, it takes 3-4 months for the body to grow into the porous implant. If that process is interrupted, scar tissue forms, and it never becomes as unified as it should. In my case, I overdid it with half-marathons and some modest mogul skiing. I am now very prone to piriformis and IT band issues. Can still run 3 miles, but not further. I would suggest proceeding very, very slowly, and at the first sign of trouble, dial it back quick. Almost all people on this blog are running long distances, but this is NOT a representative sample. Anyone have peer-reviewed studies on this? Good luck.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      I concur with Jimmy C. When the hip starts barking (especially during those early recovery months), back off and start again after a little rest. As for me, I did not experience any subsidence of the implant.
      I hope your recovery continues to go well and the implant heals well.

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      Thank you both for your reply and your input. I am going back to he Dr. on 8 July for what I expect to be a good X-ray and an open door to return to something resembling normalcy. I have been walking a little but only with a walker, trying to keep less then 50% on my body weight on the new hip. No pain, all feels well. Any recommendations or experience re: when to take that first running step? Thank you.

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      I am healing well and tomorrow I will have been on this cane for two weeks. The second set of x-rays at 9 weeks post op, showed positive and the bone is bonding to the implant. I am walking easily (tomorrow off the cane) and I am now using an indoor cycling trainer to start elevating my heart rate again. PT recommends no running until January 2021. I intend to follow these recommendations and expect to run the Marine Corps Marathon October of 2021. My expectation is to build some measure of cardiovascular fitness on the bike and begin running about 20 miles/week in January. Any experience or input is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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