My Sources Say “YES”

The Steltfest players....

Last night was my 2nd attempt at basketball since the hip replacement.  I participated in year #8 of “Steltfest”  a friendly 3 on 3 tournament hosted by Rick Steltenpohl, the organizer of Hoopfest.  This year’s theme was the magic 8 ball (since it was year 8 of the tournament).  My team’s name was “My Sources Say No”.  I played with former NBA star Craig Ehlo and another old basketball buddy.  In our first game, we were “lit up” by former GU player Andrew Sorenson which begs me to question, “why didn’t that guy shoot more when he was playing for Gonzaga”.  In the end, we were taken out by 2 of the last 3 teams standing.   David Pendergraft’s (Another former GU player) team beat Sorenson’s team to win the title.  It was fun to be a part of and watch.

My hip held out.  My jump shot was terrible…but I was able to get to the ball.  I figured if I was going to miss, I’d better be able to get to the ball.  I was very pleased with my ability to move, shift, and turn quickly.  Today…..the hip is a little tender, but this was to be expected.  It was just the confidence booster I needed before Hoopfest starts in 2 weeks.

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