Some People Call me the Space Cowboy — yeeeaaah.

….I’ll take it or “gangster of love”.

But I covered a bit of space in my first long run (in 12 years) — hence “space cowboy”.

Context: In the tongue-in-cheek lore and culture of distance running, 20 miles or 32K is a long run or longer of course. Anything shorter is not a long run.

I have run a few 30-34K runs, but they don’t count, as they were during a thing we call TNLW  and we have beer stops at each other’s house, where there is stretching, and maybe a bit of snackery and farts.

This one had 600m of elevation gain or 2000ft of elevation gain and just as much descent. And no beer stops, stretching, but there was farting.

So, here is my Strava entry from Saturday for 32.44K of running. My buddy who ran with me has a recording of 36K. He ran a km longer, as I walked a km home. But his device is lying to him… it was in that tongue-in-cheek way a certifiable 20-miler….for sure….

Some people call me Maurice, cause I speak of the pompitous of ruuuuun.

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