Today is a Snow Day for the boys - No School

Last night my son Tommy and his friend Ned (5th Graders) made a pact.  “If tomorrow is a snow day, we’re going to go to Jack and Dan’s for lunch and we’re going to go sledding.  Deal?” .  Tommy exclaimed “Deal!”  We all chimed in, “Who’s Buying?” :).  So this morning I looked out the window and there was no new snow…..just the snow we got from the day before.  I promised my son Daniel that I’d check the school website as soon as I woke up and let him know whether he had to get up for school.  When I saw no new snow, I didn’t bother checking.  About a half hour later, he comes walking down the stairs and says…..”You told me you’d tell me if there was no school”.  He had checked it himself.  Here I was making their lunches and I didn’t have to.  Sure enough there was no school for either of the kids.  Then I started thinking about the timing of this hip replacement.  Running in the snow is good exercise but it truly is a pain.  I couldn’t have picked a better time to take a break, but I’m hopeful for the spring….and testing the new hip.  So with 2 bagged PB and J’s sitting on the counter, I headed off to work wondering if the boys had enough $$ to squeeze ME in for lunch at Jack and Dan’s today.

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