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Hello Everyone,


I first posted here over 5 years ago, and although I thought there were some responses to my questions at the time, they seem to have vanished.  Or, I don’t know how to use the site since I’ve been here so little.

Anyway, I thought I would post a bit of an update and provide some hope for those who were as terrified as I was before surgery.

About six years ago I stopped running for several months due to extreme muscle fatigue in my right leg.  I had zero pain in my hip, but my muscles were not cooperating at all with the prospect of running.  I went through a summer of PT and had some improvement, but no resolution.  In the fall I went to see a hip specialist and was STUNNED when I saw the X-ray.  It was the proverbial “bone on bone”.  It took me a while to find the right surgeon and had that hip replaced in the spring of 2017.  I ran/walked some shorter races and tried an ultra the following February.  I knew I wasn’t really ready, but friends were doing the race and the course description made it sound within reach.  Then a hurricane destroyed the area not long before the event and the re-routed course, not to mention all the roots that were exposed by the storm, made it quite a bit more challenging than I expected.  I made it to 75 miles ahead of the cut-off and decided to stop there as I was getting slower and had not beat the 75 mile cut-off by much.  In the years since then I’ve completed a number of ultras including some 100 milers, and a few shorter races.  I’m neither small nor young.
About 10 days ago my other hip was replaced.  My surgeon told me then that he had not been entirely comfortable with the idea of my continuing to run when he did the first one 4 years ago, but he’s clearly happy about what I’ve been able to do.  He’s a runner himself and I occasionally see him when I’m out on longer road runs.
There is hope and I wish you the best with your surgery, recovery and running!


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      Hopeful Hippie

      Hello Everyone,   I first posted here over 5 years ago, and although I thought there were some responses to my questions at the time, they seem t
      [See the full post at: Running Success.]

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      Good news. I had my hip replaced about the same time. Maybe a year earlier. I often now think about how many more years I have before a revision, five, 10, never?

      I am not built for ultras, more of a fast twitch runners, was fast over 800m as a kid. But I have always enjoyed volume, so well before hip issue enjoyed week after week of 70-90 miles per week, a couple of 100s. I am not there yet. I am about 40-45 miles at this time. would like at least one more aerobic base-building summer, coming up here. And would be happy to run some 70 mile weeks.

      Glad to hear that people like yourself are running ultras….there is hope.

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      I’m so happy to read people doing ultras after a hip replacement. I hear about a lot of other people running 5k, but I really just want to get out there all day long. As Christopher Kelsall stated, I also worry about the wear and tear on my hardware. Well not enough that I won’t start running (I’m only 3 weeks post op). But it’s always there. I hope you keep posting and keep giving me hope.

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      Hopeful Hippie

      I should add that when the X-ray was taken to asses the need for a new hip on the other side, the surgeon took a long hard look at the one he had already replaced to see how it had held up. There were no real signs of wear after 4 years of energetic but careful use. I was so concerned that it would show enough wear that he would tell me I had to stop, but such was not the case! I’m hoping that all goes as well with the newest one and that I can get back to doing some more long distance events before I get too ancient.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Great to hear there’s others running 100 milers. I’ve also ran several hilly ultra’s without too many issues. I hope you continue running and enjoy many more miles.

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