Run Through Time 5K – Victoria, BC

Crazy. This time last year, I could hardly run a sub-5-minute km in a run – real struggle. Tonight New Year’s Eve, I ran the Run Through Time 5K and ran five sub-5s in a row including going out too fast at 4:27.

Now 23:38 is humbling, when I have run this race in 18:00, but I am pretty darn happy after 10 years of almost no running – then post hip replacement – two years, raced a Boxing Day 10-mile. I managed two sub-5-minute kms – the first two – doh!

Averaged 4:40.

It isn’t a timed race, it is fun run, but you can see in my Strava account that I ran 5K, plus the required extra 1% over the shortest possible tangents (as per certification):

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