Run or Not to Run, Confused

I’m 65 and have been running since 1978. I had my left hip replaced in Oct. 2019. My doctor told me that my running career was finished. Then in Dec. 2019 he recommended not to run again. I’ve done extensive research about running after surgery and am very confused. I’ve read articles that some doctor’s say it’s ok to run and others say it’s not. What’s even more confusing is reading all the success stories on here. Any thoughts? Thanks. Ken

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      I’m 65 and have been running since 1978. I had my left hip replaced in Oct. 2019. My doctor told me that my running career was finished. Then in Dec.
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      Steve Nelson

      Yes, a thought: Find another doctor and read my post from a few minutes ago. The “running career finished” attitude is old fashioned, outdated, wrongheaded and needlessly conservative.

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      talk to another doctor is right! I had my hip done 10 days ago, (I’m 67) so that my moderate arthritis would be addressed and I could continue running after recovery. My surgeon (NYU) told me the only reason NOT to run again is that the device will wear out sooner than the 25-year average. So I figured, at 67, am I gonna worry about the device wearing out in 20 years? Nope.

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      My ceramic right hip will be 3 years old in May, I am 69. My surgeon said I would be able to do everything I wanted to, I would not break it, so I ran from 6 weeks. I race 5k most Saturdays and am planning a 48 mile challenge in the mountains this summer.
      On the other hand, my sister-in-law had a new hip a year ago, cemented cup and stem, and her surgeon says she must avoid impact activities like running, climbing and netball – but expects the device to last 39 years i.e. to age 90. She is still having some soft-tissue/muscle problems..

      I doubt a second doctor will give you the all-clear to run, it will be up to you, but I would bet you are OK to try.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Ken, everyone is different and you have to decide for yourself. Clearly there are many of us that have had good success with running and haven’t looked back. I would start off with some easy runs and see how it feels, yes you may have some setbacks, believe me I’ve had 2 one year injuries, but each time I’ve come back stronger. It’s about attitude and listening to your body.

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      Ken, just read your post and it sounds so familiar to my situation. I am now 60 years old. I had a total right hip replacement on January 4, 2017. Both my General Practitioner and Surgeon both said the same thing-you won’t be able to run after the replacement (told me this at least twice). It scared me to death to hear those words. When I found this website it really gave me a flicker of hope that I could resume running. Well, after many 5K’s and 10K’s and 2 half marathons I am training for my first marathon in April. I’m sure it’s not a guarantee that a person will be able to run after a replacement. And many doctors do not have that much experience with patients who have had replacements that resume a very active running life. So, they are extremely cautious in recommending running again. My advice is at least give it a try and give it time. I waited at least a year before I pushed the limits of my abilities. You will receive many kudos’s from others around you respecting you for attempting to run again. But, if running is not in your future there are other plans for your life. God Bless!

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      Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ve read so many conflicting articles about running after hip surgery that I’m even more confused. The most common answer that doctors give for not running is there is not enough data and/or long term studies to make an informed decision, along with there could excessive wear, loosening of the hip, or a broken leg. The longest study has been five years and that study did not show any excessive wear or loosening of the hip.
      I’m curious to hear what some of your doctors had to say.

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