Right THR 12/14/17 outpatient

Ran NYC Marathon last November which was first 26.2. when I found this group. Had put off surgery for years. I could run after warming up and Advil but couldn’t walk and was miserable. Plan was to BQ but training suffered and I missed by two minutes. Will update the group on progress and happy to answer any questions about decision to do it outpatient. I guess I never figured out how to publish this in December so here is the update.

Ran a 10k trail race in April. Felt great. Ran another 10k trail race in May. Have since been back to normal. Workouts 6x per week. Stairs on Monday, Speedwork Tuesday(3 miles speed 4 miles easy). Bootcamp/run Wednesday(includes 3-4 mile run), Bike Thursday, Bootcamp Friday, Saturday off, run or bike Sunday(10k run or 34 mile bike). Will probably do an Olympic Tri soon. Not sure about going longer, although 10k on the road has felt good. My bike is stronger than before surgery. Atrophy in leg has disappeared. Running is getting back to speed. Ran a sub 6 mile last year before surgery at age 58, curious to see what I can do this year. Other hip starting to go and not sure how long I will hold off on that one. My advice is to be in the best shape possible before surgery and then take your time on the comeback trail. Checked this site often and appreciate all of the input.

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      Ran NYC Marathon last month which was first 26.2. So glad I found this group. I was able to run after warming up and using Advil but couldn’t walk pro
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      I SO agree with your last statement regarding the benefits of being in the best shape possible before the surgery! I really feel like that has made all the difference in my recovery. What a long road it’s been, but the benefits are life changing!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great Post! And congrats on getting back to your routine. Sub 6 is pretty awesome. I am betting you’ll get back to that pace!

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