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Hi Everyone,
First I want to thank everyone for your posts. This site has been an inspiration for me since first considering THR. Had THR six weeks ago. I’m feeling good and doing a lot of walking. Question – When laying down with my leg straight out, I cannot lift it up? Is this common? Has anyone else experienced this? If so, for how long?

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      Hi Everyone, First I want to thank everyone for your posts. This site has been an inspiration for me since first considering THR. Had THR six weeks ag
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      Can you not lift it up at all?? I’ve had both of mine done 2 years apart. They had me raising my leg just hours after my op,I thought that they’d lost their marbles ? but they apparently like to get people moving as soon as possible as thus aids the recovery process. But different people recover in different ways. I used to do my exercises after every time I washed my hands at the bathroom basin, the ones where you stand straight and swing your leg out to the side & then behind you. Just persevere & you’ll come right.
      If you need any other questions answered feel free to comment again. Good luck with your recovery progress.

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      Thank you Felicity. Yes, I cannot move it up at all while laying down. I can do all of the leg movements while standing. I am being patient but it is curious.

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      Do you know what was cut? Common now is to cut just the IT band, but just pull the muscles aside for the procedure. It would be good to know if they cut into the muscle. Which approach did you have, front or side?

      I found at first I could hardly lift, but with the smallest of assistance from my other leg, I could do it – so the muscle needed to do some firing….try putting the other foot behind the calf and giving a little lift – if that makes the difference, then do that as an exercise often, it will comeback quicker that way.

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      Thanks Chris – I had posterior – not sure what the cut. I will try this.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Hopeful. I was guessing you might have had posterior. I had anterior and was able to lift the leg with no issue. I suspect that if you Give yourself some time to let the surgery site heal you will be lifting that leg to your hearts content.

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      I had a posterior and I also was not able to lift my leg straight up for a while. I had extra tendons cut because I had a leg length issue. It took some time for me to life that leg up, probably longer than the average but it did come together eventually. Take your time 🙂

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      Thank you – Its nice to know others had the same issue. I sure am learning patience through all of this. Its actually kind of nice.

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      Dave Whiteside

      I had posterior but can’t remember having an issue, but to be honest I’m not sure I tried it lying down. I did get a full hospital report of my procedure which I posted here: I think most of my problems today have been muscle related rather than hip socket. Stretching, strength and flexibility are super important and the more you can do the better. I also get a good massage on just my lower body once every 3 weeks or so. I do boot camps twice a week and yoga once a week to help, and on the other days I’m running, biking and swimming. I’m sure you’ll feel better soon and able to progress just like everyone else on the site. Good luck.

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      I had my THR, anterior, right side 12/7/17. For the first week or so, I couldn’t lift my leg at all. I was sent home from the hospital with a stiff leash with a hoop at the end. I just looped this around my foot and lifted. That is all there was too it. Very helpful for getting into bed on on the couch. Wasn’t painful, just no strength. It wasn’t long before I was just doing it normal.

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      I had my left hip done last August. I had the same problem trying to lift that leg. I could do all the other exercises easily. My surgeon said they may have knicked a nerve. At about 6 weeks I could finally do it! It was hard at first. I am 8 months post op now and I now jog 2 miles during my 4 mile walk/run. I plan to compete in my first 5k next month . I am trying to run with less impact and have been reading a lot about low impact running . After 3 months I climbed a mountain in N.H. I am happy with my recovery. Good luck. That leg will lift again soon.

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      Thanks Everyone! Great to hear everyone else’s experience. Feeling good and I know that leg will be 100% soon.

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