R hip down, L hip soon!

I have not posted in a while. I had my R THR, posterior completed on November 10, 2017.  Surgery went smoothly and I was up and walking, with the physical therapist at my side, three hours after the surgery.

Even though others on this site posted how the pain is gone immediately after surgery, somehow I was still surprised when I had no pain at all! I did not need pain meds after the surgery, just took tylenol.

Here is the thing. Have you ever seen a log splitter? Well 10 days after surgery I was happily walking in my living room wearing my tennis shoes and all of a sudden I stubbed my toe on the leg that just had the surgery. I fell forward landing right on my knee. The new metal hip had not yet bonded with my bone, it being only 10 days out. So, the metal hip acted like a dagger, or more like a log splitter and was shoved into my femur splitting it into thirds. Thank GOD my physical therapist was knocking at my front door two minutes after it happened and he got me to the hospital immediately. My doctor was away on vacation for Thanksgiving and immediately drove in to perform surgery on my right leg.  He put in a whole new right hip and put metal bands around my femur to hold the bone together around the metal hip. I was told not to put only weight on that leg for two months. That was an excruciating long two months. But when I received the ok to walk it felt better then ever! I was shocked. I have gone back to doing Body Pump. I have no issues doing squats and lunges with a weight bar. While I am not running at this time, I can jog. I plan on having my left hip done in October or November of this year.

This site and all its wonderful members gave me the courage to get the surgery. I was in constant pain. I am so thankful I found this site and so thankful for having such a great doctor.

Happy Fourth of July!!

Suzanne Foster



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      I have not posted in a while. I had my R THR, posterior completed on November 10, 2017.  Surgery went smoothly and I was up and walking, with the phys
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Suzanne. Wow! So glad you found this site! I love your spirit! Good luck with the next one and stay optimistic!

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      Thank you for sharing your experience. Glad to hear that you are doing well despite the setback. During first couple weeks after my surgery, I stubbed my toe and fell a couple times like you did but I was lucky enough to fall on my head. Nothing to damage up there! Hope your second hip replacement goes as well and that you have a smoother recovery than last time.



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      Dave Whiteside

      Ouch, glad you’ve recovered. Hopefully it was just a temporary setback and you’ll be able to enjoy your new hip just like the rest of us.

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