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First time posting.  59 year-old male who chucked the corporate world 5 years ago to launch a company that delivers onsite group fitness programs to Indianapolis area employers.  I’ve been a runner for 35 years (7 marathons; 25+ half-marathons; a bunch of 10/5K.  Been practicing yoga for 13 years – teaching it for 8 years.  Actually the majority of what my company does is onsite group yoga.  So needless to say, movement is a HUGE part of my world (it’s my livelihood).  My goal to work with my surgeon to schedule a late February procedure – focusing on recovery for March and a bit of April.  That means I have virtually no income coming in for this recovery time (I do have short-term disability coverage thankfully).  Further – it’s going to be a challenge to 1) ask for help post-surgery (I live bymyself); 2) not make major movements (like yoga; stationery bike; group fitness classes) during the rehab period.  Looking forward to engaging with this community for support/input/encouragement/etc.  Namaste’ ya’ll.

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      First time posting.  59 year-old male who chucked the corporate world 5 years ago to launch a company that delivers onsite group fitness programs to I
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      I just posted a report on some hamstring issues I’m having. I saw your post and I also live in Indianapolis! I had anterior proceedure done at Ortho Indy by Dr Pomeroy. Not sure which proceedure you are looking at but I strongly urge people to go with the anterior approach as there is no cutting of muscle as in posterior and the restrictions are much less with anterior. I was up walking the 2nd day post op and walked with aid of treking poles I purchase pre replacment. They are great in that they help stabilize you and you get a good workout. I started back running 3 months post op and participate in triathlons. You’ll be fine if you’ve maintained your exercise and Yogo is great for muscle flexability.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hey Runindy!
      Be sure to prep your space for the recovery period. For instance if you can install grab bars in the bathroom you should do it now. This will be especially important since you live alone. You might even consider a raised toilet seat. At any rate, the pain that you are feeling right now will be long gone but the journey to complete recovery will require some mental yoga to avoid overdoing it too soon. I was back out running after 3 months. It took a year and a half before I finally felt like I was running like my old self again. Don’t want to discourage you, just want you to be prepared. Keep your head up and stay optimistic. You’ll be back at it soon and each day will get better and better.

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      I had left THR anterior approach done on 10/7/19. I’m a 43 year old male in pretty good shape. By no means am I a triathlete and I’m probably a few pounds overweight.

      I was in surgery at 7am, waking up around 10am and walking down the hall of the hospital with a walker by noon. I did my second PT session after lunch, used a cane and was able to do stairs. They discharged me before 4 pm with a cane and no restrictions other than no jumping or running (lol) and no driving while on pain meds.

      During the first week I needed help with anything that required bending like putting on socks and shoes. Lifting my leg to elevate was kind of a chore but not impossible. I didn’t need a walker so that made it a lot easier. Also my pain was pretty minimal and I was splitting my pain pills (Vicodin 10mg)and only taking them twice a day instead of the 6 times as directed. I used Tylenol in between morning and bedtime.

      If you do your PT you’ll be independent in no time at all. Maybe a few days even. I was cooking for myself the next day. You gotta walk around and ice constantly. Make sure you have at least a few good size ice packs. I set up a rehab station in my living room and was using an air bike at 2 weeks (Physical Therapist ok’d it first)

      I was able to ditch the cane at 3 weeks to the day. I started back at the gym on the elliptical at 5 weeks post op. I actually jogged a bit today on the treadmill for the first time. It wasn’t all that bad. I had some brief IT band issues early on but my physical therapist was able to address it quickly.

      I was in a hurry to get back to work as well and initially aiming for a 12 week recovery. I’m a police officer and have to take a fitness test to return. I feel I could do 80% of my work at this point but obviously if I have to run or wrestle someone it could be an issue. I’ve decided it’s not worth the risk to go back before I’m 100% so I’m going to do the 6 month recovery on the short term disability.

      Of course everyone is different, but if you’re in good physical shape you should do well. I’m very happy I did it and only regret waiting. I was in denial for two years and thought I could last a decade or so with bone on bone arthritis. Ha!….not so much. I walk like a man my age now. My only other advice would be to come to Pittsburgh and see Dr. Michael O’Malley at UPMC. Best wishes and let me know if you need any other info.


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