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I hope you are all well. I have only once posted  here, but love to see all the successful stories of people’s post op triumphs etc.  I , unfortunately am not one of those . I’m 4 yrs post op ( THR ) and am still jogging with a limp as it feels horrible . I begged my surgeon to do an mri , but he was happy once he saw that everything looked absolutely perfect on the X-ray, despite me telling him that I am in massive discomfort when I exceed a “ fast walk”. I took it upon myself to have an mri done and it shows chronic bursitis. I thought I was getting somewhere , but two rounds of steroid injections later , and I am still limping around , and quite frankly I’m losing the will to live. I was an 18min 5k , 38min 10k runner only 5yrs ago . Now I’m 2 stone overweight and struggling to complete 2 miles in approx 18mins due to the discomfort. ..  I’m 48, and not ready to give up on life yet and retire to the slippers and bathrobe. Running was my life .
any suggestions would be great , as they are refusing a third round of injections and quite frankly , they don’t seem To give a shite.
I was told to take up golf and “ get over myself “ .


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      Hi Guys I hope you are all well. I have only once posted  here, but love to see all the successful stories of people’s post op triumphs etc.  I , unfo
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      This is MN Michael. Don’t lose heart. Bursitis can be overcome. Have you seen a physical therapist to get a routine of exercises and stretches to strengthen the hip and leg muscles to decrease the stress that is causing the bursitis? If PT is not an option for you, there are a lot of youtube videos with exercises for “bursitis.” The current name for it is “greater trochanteric pain syndrome.” I would search for that instead of bursitis. There is greater understanding now that what used to be thought to be bursitis inflammation is instead a broader set of issues beyond the bursa. People had been getting the cortisone to reduce inflammation in the bursa but the problem was elsewhere. I suspect also that your hip replacement changed your gait which stressed different muscles from before which makes exercises even more important. I, too, got a cortisone shot for what they thought was bursitis but later was diagnosed as arthritis. I hope you find a solution.

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        Thank you. Am booked on for a second opinion next week . Fingers crossed .

        Appreciate the reply.

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      I agree don’t give up hope and don’t give in!
      I can’t speak on Bursitis but have you just taken a month away from running and substituting swimming, rowing, Pilates, yoga, etc?
      Or taken a month of just “being” and then done other activities for just a couple months? Perhaps reintroduce running at that point?
      I think we out-think ourselves… your past times are great – and possibly approachable again – and it will take one step at a time. You’ve got to get walking and moving with a smooth gate first… it’s a new game now.
      Have you had 2nd and third opinions with orthopedic? I’d get them!

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        Thank you. Great advice. Am booked in for a second opinion next week , so have left the running behind for the last few weeks. Am back in the pool 3-4 times a week and really enjoying it. Nothing will ever replace the buzz of a run, so hopefully I’ll get it sorted over the next few weeks.

        Thanks for the advice.

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