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Needed a swig at mile 20 !

Hey Hip Runners – I revisited the Phili Marathon last weekend – was anyone else there ? It’s becoming, in my book, one of the best running events in the States. Can’t think of one thing I’d ask them to change- except for maybe a bit of the Rocky theme between miles 23- 25 !! If anyone is considering an 8k, half marathon or the full marathon check out Phili. It’s a great course – the locals are friendly, plenty of beer on the course and a great time to be had everywhere. As for doing it as a Hip Runner – couldn’t be any prouder. Philadelphia was my 8th marathon since having a full hip replacement over 4 years ago. Our Strava group does wonders for my motivation and it’s so wonderful to see everyones accomplishments – keep it up everyone. And if you are very much in your recovery mode – take your time, keep working at it and great things will happen for you.
Anyone doing Tokyo, Boston or London next year ?

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      Hey Hip Runners – I revisited the Phili Marathon last weekend – was anyone else there ? It’s becoming, in my book, one of the best running even
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      That’s awesome and motivating. I’m curious to know when you felt good enough to start running again after surgery? And how did you start to ease into it?

      Keep it up!!!


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      Laura M


      I am a 65 year old female, 12 weeks post surgery (Posterior type, left hip). I just had my last follow-up with my surgeon, so I am now cleared to run. Not sure how Ruth eased back into running, but I am currently using an Alter G (anti-gravity) treadmill to ease back in. If you have access to one near you, check it out. Mine is available at my PT office. You can adjust just how much of your body weight to place on your new hip.

      I am currently alternating walking/running for 15-20 minutes at 80% of my body weight. As I get stronger, it will be increased in 5 pound/5 minute increments until I reach 100%. My orthopedic surgeon didn’t even know this type of machine existed, so get a recommendation for a good physical therapist that has one available. If you live in the Norristown, PA area, you can go to Marc Schoettle at The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute. The staff there is fantastic!

      This machine has been fabulous for me and others rehabbing from running injuries.

      Good luck!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great Post Ruth!
      Looking strong at mile 20! Way to go! I had some buddies run Philly last year. They were sold on it! Thanks for the great post! Keep posting those positive vibes. Happy Thanksgiving!
      Hip Brother Tom

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