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“Five years ago I had both my hips done seven weeks apart. My doctor wanted me to get back to running so six weeks after my second hip I started a run-walk and slowly increased distance. three years later I did the Twin Cities marathon in 4:22:23. I was 56 at the time. I know of others with THRs that run most of them don’t tell there doctors. My right knee has been arthritic for a long time and two months ago I had it replaced! My doctor does not want me to stop running so working with a therapist I have started a
run-walk and things seem to be going fine. My hope is to run the 2014 marathon. I just wanted you to know that there are a number of us out there that are not going to let arthritus stop us from doing what we love!”

“When I had my hips done all I could find was people saying it was stupid to try to run after hip replacement, now after myknee replacement I decided to look again and found you, this looks like a wonderful blog.” – Perry

Thanks for the input Perry.  Good Luck with that knee!! You’ll be running before you know it.

2 thoughts on “Perry’s Testimonial

  1. Perry, Your ability to run marathons after double hip replacement surgery is very encouraging to me. Can you tell me if you have had any problems with your hips since the surgeries? Also, do you anticipate having revision surgeries down the road?

  2. Hi, Perry,
    I had my right side THR 2013. MY surgeon said I will have another side THR sooner or later. I already injured my left side knee 2010. I had key hole surgery . I always concerned if I have to Total knee replace in the future, I can not run any more. It sounds like, even we have total knee operation, still could run. I am really enjoying triathlon, can not stop it till my heart will say enough. Thank you letting us know your experience. and if you do not mind , please, let us know how you are now.

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