Paul – 3 years post bilateral THR – pain and noise

Hi My name is Paul, I am a 56yrs male. I had bilateral THR in first half of 2017 and was fitted with cementless polarstem (titanium) and ceramic ball. I think with ceramic insert but it may have been xlpe.

My post-op fitness has been great – running park runs (5k) and offroad 10k at a gentle pace just 1 or 2 times a week. I also have been cycling 50 miles once a week and swimming a mile or so 4 times a week.

Following lockdown the gym reopened and I got over excited added in 3 exercise classes a week which contain lots of lunges and squats. This was great for about 2-3 months and I started to get pain in my left side very similar to those prior to my THR. Deep ache in buttock and hamstring also down left side of thigh. Always worse when sitting and relieved only by activity. ( Could it be sciatica related?) There is also a regular popping from the joint similar in feel and sound to that you get when you crouch down and your knees crack/pop. It became very sore so I dropped everything except swimming and have had some lessening of pain but the cracking of the joint persists particularly when weight is on that leg and a slight rotation occurs.

My questions are : –

  1. has anyone else experienced similar problems caused by overdoing things
  2. Is the noise a sign of permanent damage
  3. can I recover from this as the pain persists after 3 weeks of swimming only

Any similar experiences and comments gratefully recieved

Keep running !!!



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      Hi My name is Paul, I am a 56yrs male. I had bilateral THR in first half of 2017 and was fitted with cementless polarstem (titanium) and ceramic ball.
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      Paul, It’s been 2 3/4 years since I had bilateral THR. Similar to you I have the titanium stem and ceramic ball. I have gotten back into running on a limited basis, mostly trail runs in the 10k distance, but the majority of what I do is ride my mountain bike, although I did a 3,000 mile bike packing trip last year on a touring bike. I’m also a big alpine skier and ski bumps and powder quite a bit.

      Similar to you my hip joints pop, particularly if I’m bending over, like when I tie my shoes. The surgeon had told me before my surgery that ceramic balls had a tendency to pop, particularly if your doing something similar to yoga positions, so I’ve never worried about the popping noise when I’m bending over, and it doesn’t happen every time. With that being said, they never pop when I’m just walking or riding, only when I put them under stress by bending over. I do get soreness, but not really any pain. My flexibility isn’t very good anymore, it never was great, but I have to usually tie my shoes from one side as I can’t bend over enough when I try to tie them by bending straight down.

      I just know one thing with my hips, if it hurts I back off, I don’t worry about getting sore, but I won’t push it to the point of hurting. Have you done permanent damage, I seriously doubt it, the pain is probably from something else. If in doubt I would go back to the surgeon and get a couple X-rays. I actually got a letter from my surgeon at 2 years requesting I come in for x-rays jut to check things out, I never went in.

      Best of luck fellow hipster,

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      Yes, maybe, maybe. If it hurts to run, do massive stretching and PT. If it still hurts, buy a Mt Bike and hiking poles. Everyone is different, and the research just isnt there for post op running success rates. THR is great, enjoy being pain free, but it doesnt make you younger. Good luck.

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      My R hip THR is ceramic/ceramic uncemented Zimmer, fitted 2nd May 2017, and the joint has never made any noise, it feels more normal than my 6 year old metal resurfacing on the L hip, which does clunk occasionally. I ran from 6 weeks and also climb and bike. The pain I do get is within the right thigh, like a trapped nerve, which makes me limp from time to time (like tonight…) but has not stopped me from running 188km in October so far. I think a precautionary X-ray would be a good idea, we have a friend who cracked/shattered her ceramic cup a few months ago probably as a result of a small fall – certainly not running…

      Good Luck!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Your hip is your guide! Great job stepping up your workouts. The hip is telling you it’s time to rest. Don’t confuse that with “it’s time to stop”. Give it a rest and then climb back on the horse! Let your hip be your guide. Stay positive and optimistic! That is half the battle!

      Hip Brother Tom

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