One Year Anniversary

Well, I DID IT!  I completed my first half marathon since my THR one year ago.

I thought that I should do something special to celebrate the anniversary of my THR and turning 65 years old.  What could be better than running a half marathon?

Let me be honest.  I have arthritis to some degree throughout my body – hands, wrists, shoulders, hips, knees and back.  I think that covers it.  So my body is not nearly as happy about running as my mind is.  My mind loves the feeling of youthful exhilaration that I get when running while my body  complains.  I have no intention of giving up running but I have to be realistic about my goals. 

I was apprehensive as hell when my son and I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I had done plenty of training on my Zero Runner but little actual running.  And as much as I love my Zero Runner, it’s not actual running.  The running was coming along but not altogether comfortable. Some pain accompanies most runs.  My new hip feels great but the muscles supporting it and the rest of my body hurt to some degree.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find a balance with the right amount and type of training that I can complete without overdoing it.  A run/walk mix works best.  I figured that worse case scenario I walk a large portion of the race.  Disney races are like that, you can be competitive if you want but most people are just out to have a good time.  And I had a GREAT time.  Yes it was a slow jog intermixed with walking but it was also a hot, humid morning.   I wasn’t really thrilled with my 2 1/2 hr time but right now I’ll take what I can get.  My new hip performed flawlessly.  In fact, it felt better throughout the entire run than it usually does for my normal workouts.  I’m not exactly sure how much running the future holds, but I am sure that I’m not limited by my hip replacement.  

So carry on all you hiprunners and keep sharing your stories of success.  My sincere thanks to you all for the inspiration you’ve given me.


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      Well, I DID IT!  I completed my first half marathon since my THR one year ago. I thought that I should do something special to celebrate the anniversa
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      Dave Whiteside

      Hi Mark, Hippy Anniversary. A half marathon is a great achievement and now you have a base you can look to improve on it next time. We’re all different on our road to recovery, it’s more important that you take it easy and listen to your body. Just take your time and see what your body gives you. Good luck and keep us up to date with your progress. Dave.

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        Thanks Dave for you wise advice. I do plan to go slow, listen to my body, and enjoy every step I take.

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      Hi Mark, congratulations! It must have felt great to complete that half marathon! Question: was your THR robot assisted or not? I am close to deciding to have a THR and I am trying to figure out whether to go robot assisted or not. All the best, Greg

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        It felt great to finish the half marathon. Just a confidence booster to let me know that it’s still possible. No my surgery was not robot assisted as far as I know. The surgeon was quite a technician though and did a fantastic job. I’m thrilled with my results and can’t believe how great it is.

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