New to Hip Runner- Anterior THR 7/09/20

Glad to find this site.  I’m 51 and have been a recreational runner for 25+ years,it’s the one exercise I really like and there’s no feeling like after a run.

About 3 years ago at 47, i started having pain in groin/hip during runs, but I’d typically finish the run.  Early, it was something that was not consistent, so I thought it was something that would go away.  Thought it might be lower back, allignment etc. I finally got an MRI which showed no cartlidge in left hip, and recommendation was THR.   I stopped running completely about a year ago, and found that although I couldn’t walk without pain, I could do Stairmaster, Elliptical or Stationary bike without pain, or without much pain.

Finally, I decided, the pain was too much and limiting even normal activities.  Seemed like there was a cloud, and bad days with the pain were really bad.

I’m now 2.5 weeks in and feeling really good. I walked for 40 minutes yesterday.  My goal is to get back to being able to do hard elliptical workouts (HR 120-140,) at 4 weeks. I miss exercise, but I love being pain free. I’d love to run again, even if it’s only 2x a week.

That being said, I’m prone to overdoing it, and I don’t want to make any mistakes early that may hurt any healing and cause a revision in the future.

I like reading that people were actually running pretty early into recovery.  Hope to be there soon.





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      Glad to find this site.  I’m 51 and have been a recreational runner for 25+ years,it’s the one exercise I really like and there’s no feeling like afte
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      David, be patient, I had both hips replaced 2 1/2 years ago, I’m 61 now and I really didn’t start feeling totally pain free running until just recently. Everyone is different, and a lot of people go back to running within weeks/months, but for me I would get really sore the first couple years. I did a lot of other aerobic activity, particularly a lot of biking, and now I alternate every other day between running and biking. Best of luck as you progress!


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      Thanks Todd. Glad you’re pain free and running now.

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      Hip Brother Tom


      I totally get it. Like you, once the door opens an inch, I want to take a mile. So, I tend to overdo it also. The beauty is that your hip will be your guide. It will tell you when its had enough and you will have to listen to it. When the hip says that its had enough, take some days off until the pain subsides. Then get back on to the horse and try again. Eventually, you’ll be back. I should warn you though that I didn’t start attempting to run until after the third month. Even then, it felt COMPLETELY awkward. I finally started feeling good at about a year and half. Good Luck!

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