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Hi guys.  Tom etc….Its a long time since I even looked at this site due to my hips. Had issues since a 2007 injury wake boarding injury that left me with a crook right hip and half crook left hip. I decided to get 2015 MOM resurfacing after failure of FAI pincer type surgery which actually made my hips worse. MOM made me crook after 2 – 3 year had them out 2019-2020and the surgeon then put in Ceram on Ceram as I am in New Zealand its legal. In the states in is as I understand not legal. The ceramic on ceramic almost killed me and made me massively crook again worse than the MOM. Ok fast track now I have 40mm ball size and cup size is X linked Poly 2021 (late) and was able to do a mountain walk only 6 weeks after the recent change. So Ceramic – on X poly CPT stem uncemented which I found out is a real back bone of stems. Been around along time and can be replaced as it is not cemented in. You can only replace the ball system if you replace all other parts being stem collar and then the ball.

I had a bilateral partial revision which only replaces the Cup from Ceramic to X poly. Now you have a really good surgeon a Dr Pritchett in the USA that advocates X poly is the most development for hips in the last 40 years it takes the wear from 10 times the amount to  1/10 of what it should be. The factors to consider of wear are as I know from my experience and if you ask around are, cup angle, loading (how much you weigh) hip angles. I was running on the Ceram on Ceram and it made me massively crook as the particles of Alumina Oxide ended up in the blood stream. MOM particles do as well as they are a lot of tiny particles.

Ceramic is the same a lot of tiny particles. Poly is a small amount of small particles if you under stand that and they don’t go in your blood stream. Stay with the Poly and never get what I had as it will make you crook and could be fatal.

I used a product DMSA to rid the particles quickly out of the blood stream that in itself is a mission. Now I am feeling better I hope one day I can have the odd run and my surgeon oks this as he ant gonna be too happy if he has to do another revision because he said no to running. He himself is a runner so I would be interested in what he says.

As for another partial revision if I start running. Not sure I had 3 bilateral in 6 years and it not nice. lots of scar tissue and it gets more difficult when they get in there. So all in all everything is a risk. Biking has the risk of falling and smashing your already good femurs with pins in them so I will think about it and I don’t know its a hard 1 but I can tell you running is the least risk sport really to get hurt so it sings true. Tramping or hunting has more risk as I do those,  stairs for example are risky especially with the odd bit of comfort drink.

There are no studies on guys like you or us here who are young bracket and give these hips a hard time to actually work out what is the best THR system but this time it feels really good.

For my femur size as well, it is as large as you can get it as they took bone away for the resurfacing so I am only a medium height bloke with these still no studies on 40mm size. So its all a bit of trial and error. I do hunting so I don’t want to be up in the bush with a dislocated hip if I accidently fall is my scenario.

I am very much over getting my hips cut open and the rehab behind it so I will weigh up my options but I do know a lot about and have read many, many studies.

These surgeons don’t always get it right and have many opinions but  hard on hard bearing surfaces will cause and can cause massive issues with tiny particles in the blood stream more than an issue than a build up on X linked poly which is shown to be a great advance forward in hips.

Those that keep on running awesome, I wish and hope I will be allowed but may hold back due to what you have read.

Great to see positive people out there doing it and this site.

Maybe Tom you may consider just adding to this site for people like me that want to run but maybe is just that too risky but still share their experiences to keep others cranked up and going or you may already have that set up here as life still can be had if you cant run for various reasons. I love running massively did 6 half marathons in 10 months on those metal hips but they made me sick as well almost fatal.

Maybe I will get and do the odd run.. I will check it out but yep I miss it.

So keep in mind my stuff. That was not the full package. Due to being on crutches for 10 years it altered my gait. Had to have Carpal tunnels, tarsal tunnels, shoulder impingement done so it upsets the whole body when the hips don’t work properly. I am not a surgical buff just massive pains and issues because 1 things then leads to another because I was young and got around it. I had no offer for 10 years to sort it. So very much over surgery and its effects just wanted a life back. I am pain free as of now if you get it right.

Good luck to all and I should get more on this site being the positive-ness I see out of it.

Kind Regards K



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      Hi guys.  Tom etc….Its a long time since I even looked at this site due to my hips. Had issues since a 2007 injury wake boarding injury that left me
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Karlos!
      Thanks for the post! Yes you can post anytime you want even though you may not get back to running. Your experience(s) with hip replacement(s) should be shared for everyone. You are staying active and finding your way after hip replacement. By all means keep posting! Who knows maybe one day you’ll post your story about going out on your first run….. 🙂
      Hip Brother Tom

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