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Hi!  I am a new member and I have a hip that is approximately 16 days old.  I know I am a ways off, but I am wondering when I might be able to run again.  Understanding this is ultimately something I decide with my doctor – I am wondering what others’ experience has been?  Two months?  Six months?  One year?

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      Hi!  I am a new member and I have a hip that is approximately 16 days old.  I know I am a ways off, but I am wondering when I might be able to run aga
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      Hi, congratulations on your new hip! I started running again after about 4 months, just a walk/run build-up-slowly programme. Listen to your body and take it very easy at first. Lots of luck with your recovery. I’m sure you are, but do all the physio exercises religiously to regain your balance and muscle tone – it’s really important.

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      Hi,I’ve had both hips replaced in the last 16 months, my right hip 4 months ago.I did what was supposed to be a jog walk parkrun 5 weeks after my latest replacement, but it felt so good that I jogged it all.I’m now jogging 5k once a week, in around 27 mins.I still walk every day, which really helps, and do strength exercises around hips and glutes. My physio said it would be ok to run when I felt ready which along with this site gave me confidence to do it. I’m still taking it very easy and it will feel strange to begin with for you, but if you don’t try you’ll never know. Good luck.

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      I just had a THA (left) on 6/1/20. Had nausea from the anesthesia and just starting to feel like my old self today (Saturday). Walking as much as I can and doing my PT. My appetite has been lacking and now feeling like I can eat something. Right hip will be done mid-August — this time I will opt for spinal and not general anesthesia. Any suggestions or helpful hints are very much appreciated.

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      Hi I’m a new poster to this site.I had my total right hip replaced on 30 Oct 2019. It took me about 3 months before I tried a short run. At 5 months I was doing 3 mile runs several times a week. I was also working out daily. At 6 months I was doing 5 miles and discovered that any thing over that really beat me up. As a test at 7 months I began doing a 1 mile walk and a 2 mile run cycle to see how my body felt. I want to mention that my 2 knees are bad and will require partial knee replacement at some point. So the walk/run plan worked and I completed 9 miles one day. I have done that a few times already and just this weekend completed a Half Marathon using that plan. My hip has been great while running and never an issue. I have used my Theragun on my leg muscles daily as part of my recovery,Love that thing. I have been very happy with my progress and definitely look forward to increasing my distance. Good luck to you and run well.

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      Thank you!

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      Thank you – I had never heard of a Theragun. Very helpful!

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