Negativity from other (non runners)

I was wondering if any other are suffering the same type of negativity from others (friends and members of family) in regards to running on THR…my name is Eileen and am grateful that I found the site a couple of weeks ago…I have only just turned 50 and initially had a Birmingham hip replacement 6 years ago which failed and resulted in surgery to THR 18 months ago…I have done a no of marathons on the Birmingham but have only just returned to racing again 12months ago…My life revolves around my running and could not imagine living with out it…I cross train as much as possible with yoga, and bike classes…but cannot give up my runs…I have just completed the “wings for world life run” in Melbourne and came first in my age group ….the non runners I imagine you all understand how I am feeling and of course it does worry me that the hip will possibly fail and another revision surgery will have to be done but life is too short ….and I feel that this is the only thing that makes me so happy…good luck to you all …this aussie girl is with you….(wouldn’t it be great if we could all get together on a run  🙂

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