My Questions and His Answers

OK….so I really need to know some answers to my questions. I won’t have answers until my pre-op appt on 12/29…but figured I should start writing them down.

  1. When will I be able to put weight on my hip?  Dr. Tim says that he wants me on crutches for 2 weeks.  He says that he KNOWS I will want to put full weight on my hip before then, but he wants to make sure that I gradually add the weight and give the joint time to heal.
  2. When will I be able to swim? He is recommending that I wait 1 month.
  3.  When will I be able to Spin?  No spinning until the 3 months are over.  Spinning puts pressure on the socket and he wants the initial bone growth into the new “bionics” <– my word not his, to be uninterrupted.
  4. When will I be able to go back to work? He said I would be able to go back to work when I am ready.  He suggested a reentry into the workforce
  5. Can I do pushups?  1 Month.
  6. What is the most therapeutic position during recovery?  Can I sit at a desk? Yes I can sit at a desk, but I should get up periodically and walk around.  (Again, Dr. Tim’s suggestions as far as reaclimating to work…were a bit extreme – but I didn’t think he’d mind if I didn’t completely follow those suggestions).
  7. When will I realize that hip replacement surgery is not an out-patient thing?  Answered:  I actually did think it was an outpatient procedure.  Talking with Mark the pizza guy – who had his hip replaced…….I figured I’d be walking out the door on crutches the same day and tossing the crutches the next.  Tommy Tommy Tommmy sooooo much to learn.  I will be in the hospital for 3 days.  But I will have a computer and my iphone and words-with-friends, plus a few books that my boys thought I would find entertaining while I’m cooped up.

Other things:

  • I can do upper body work (lifting) but not while standing.  As a matter of fact, I am supposed to lift nothing heavier than a coffee cup while I’m standing.
  • My leg will be longer after surgery. Yikes.  It’s already longer than the other leg.   More lifts in the shoes.
  • Situps in 2 weeks.
  • The walking training plan.  After I ditch the crutches.  Walk 1/2 block for 2-3 days and assess the pain.  If all is well then walk 1 block for 2-3 days and assess the pain. If all is well (i.e. not limping) than walk 2 blocks for 2-3 days …. and so on.  Slow and steady.
  • The hip will get as good as its going to get in 3 years.
  • Highest risk of dislocation happens in the first 3 months after surgery.
  • During the first 3 months, avoid any kind of twisting at the hip be conscious of your movements.
  • There is a 10% chance I will lose feeling on the skin of the thigh.
  • Whenever I go to the dentist for anything, cleaning, fillings, etc, I will have to take antibiotics the night before – for the rest of my life.  (WOW).




3 thoughts on “My Questions and His Answers

  1. I concur with Dr Tim regarding the dangers of a spin class, even after some time. My brother Malcolm, who also has a hip replacement by the way, witnessed a friend’s hip implant dislocate as he pedaled hard out during spin. This was many months after surgery.

  2. Just a short comment to share about the need for antibiotics following THR/TKR procedures for a period of time… I was provided with a documentation from my Primary Care doc, which said that you really only need to do that for a couple of years. People are overly cautious, so the “for the rest of your life” mantra arose. Will see if I can find a link and post it here another day.


    1. Hey Steve,

      My doctor said there’s a lot of controversy regarding this issue, and he believes in the next 3-5 years the standard of care will change and not require the need for antibiotics prior to certain procedures after THR. As my doctor also said the need for prescription blood thinners after hip replacement are unnecessary.. i only took aspirin for 4 weeks.

      Have a terrific day! : )

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