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Hi All, I’ve been waiting to get my TRHR, and this week it looks like the surgery will finally be done at Maine Medical Center in Portland next month.  My surgeon has told me that he will be using a Zimmer fiber metal taper femoral stem, trabecular metal cap, and ceramic Brolox head.  I’ve been an avid runner for over 30 years.  Running brings me such joy that I plan to continue my running post-surgery.  I would appreciate any experience you can share about the Zimmer products he plans to use and how you got back to running post-surgery.  Thanks for including me in the group.  Regards, Scott


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      Hi All, I’ve been waiting to get my TRHR, and this week it looks like the surgery will finally be done at Maine Medical Center in Portland next month.
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      Hi Scott:

      I am 48, and 16 days since my second THR. My $0.02.
      1) the better shape you are in before surgery, the faster your recovery will be.
      2) post op, get up and moving. I rented a walker with 4 wheels, and would go for 1-4 mile walks with it. I would be tired and sore if I over did it.
      3) Nutrition is important. Lots of protein and antioxidants. Eat clean.
      4)Listen to your body… there will b days it is screaming for rest. Give it to it.
      5) once you can start running, start. There will be pain, it will be slow. The more u run, the sooner you will get back to normal.

      That is my experience after getting it done twice. Some might not agree, but that is what got me back to running.

      Good luck!

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      Dave Whiteside

      Hi Scott, I recommend giving it 3 months before you start running and just increase walking prior to then. Some people start sooner but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk. You have to listen to your body more than before, rest and/or slow down when you feel soreness. For me I don’t do much speed work as it’s harder on my hips, but running a 100 miler is okay. Everyone is different, you have to work out what’s right for you. Foam rolling, stretching, strength training and flexibility will all help. I also do triathlons for cross training. Anything is possible, this last week I ran 200 miles. Good luck, Dave.

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      Hi Scott, I have a right hip fitted with the Zimmer kit you will be getting – it’s a Biolox ceramic/ceramic bearing. Did you know that trabecular metal is Tantalum? Fascinating…
      Mine is 3 years old, I was jogging 5k within 6 weeks, racing at 3 months and have done 13 miles a couple of times. I’m also a climber/mountaineer and had long days in the mountains last year on technical terrain with no problems.
      My surgeon specifically said I would not be able to break my new joint, carry on doing what you have been doing was his advice. So far, so good – good luck with yours!

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