jen week 6

Hi!  Doing well had post-op apt yesterday all cleared!   I still am having hip flexor issues guess it takes time but im doing well!  🙂 would like to share a article that came out through New England Baptist I think everyone will LOVE!   If I can get it on here!45852_NEBH   Please take a look at this !  I cant say enough about the Baptist and there physicians they are TOP NOTCH!

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  1. Hi Jen, I just had my pre-op appointment today. Without any prompting, the PA told me there would be PT exercises post-op. She said they always get calls from people who have trouble lifting the leg like you mentioned. She said that it’s normal, that it takes some time to be able to do that move, but it’ll happen eventually. So I hope that’s true! Good luck with the rest of your recovery. I’m not too far behind you!

  2. That is a great link Jen. If you don’t mind, I am also going to link this post to Testimonials. Tom D’Urso should be made an honorary member of the “Hip” Runner’s club!

  3. HI, Jen,
    Thank you for letting us know Tom U’drso ‘s news. I am very pleased some surgeon has got possitive idea rather than negative. I fully understand component that we have got , at this moment is unknown, how long it will last? it depends on how we use it, maybe, it depends on your muscle supporting component how strong they are, also, our bone density? Hope, more member increase, we can get more evidence. one day, soon, some engineer develop much better bio hip. also, we will find out much better running method . We are human being . one day, we need MOT , repair , replace some our parts.

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