Ice – Ice – Maybe?

Just wondering how often anyone with a THR on this board finds themselves icing their hip after running or other exercise?

I’m 10 months post-op and recovery has been going well. I’ve been sticking to walking (with very short jogs thrown in intermittently), biking and swimming. Here’s the deal . . . last week I was doing some power hiking up and down our local ski hill (can you guess I live in MN). Anyway, the remainder of the week my hip has been sore. Groin pain, stiffness, yada, yada . . . I’ve been icing and have a follow up appointment with my doc next week just to ensure nothing else is going on. I realize this may be par for the course after doing hill repeats but just wondering how many of you THR veterans have ongoing bouts of icing when you overdo it? And – how long do you end up icing after the fact – several days?

Thanks in advance for your input and advice.

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      Just wondering how often anyone with a THR on this board finds themselves icing their hip after running or other exercise? I’m 10 months post-op and r
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      Hi Brent,
      I’m 16 months in following a THR (53 years of age).
      I started back running 11 months after my THR, following great support from this board (my surgeon advised me against it).
      I am largely doing 5K’s but done my first 10k last week (53 mins 23 sec).
      Similarly to yourself I have experienced groin pain since having a THR following exercise / running, so you are not on your own.
      I would put this in 3 categories:-
      • 5k fine
      • 10k bit sore after
      • Walked 12 miles (several weeks back) very sore (felt like a groin strain).
      Generally I just let it settle down itself (I don’t ice) – which it has, to date.
      I am hoping with time the groin will get used to the mechanism and not react.

      I’ll be very interested to hear what your doctor suggests when you speak to him – but as said you are not on your own with this and would suggest it is not unusual.
      Time and patience is the best advice I have picked up along the journey.

      Best of luck,

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      Hey Rob

      Thanks so much for your feedback and input I really appreciate it. Like you I am 51 years of age and trying to play it smart and wait a year before running. I am cautiously optimistic that I just overdid it by walking the ski hills a week ago.

      It’s certainly interesting to hear your experience that as the distance increases so does the probability of groin pain and or other issues. I have had one other instance of groin pain about two or three months ago as I was increasing walking speed and distance. Might be a correlation there.

      At least today it felt better as I just went swimming and did some yardwork. We’ll see what the doc says on Monday after an x-ray. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything to share that helps others.

      Thanks much

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      Doug A.

      Hi Brent,

      I’m in my mid-sixties and had my THR in 2016. I started running very low mileage about 4-5 months later and ran a 5 km race after about 9 months. I have continued running low mileage, about 20 km per week, usually at a pace around 5 1/2 minutes per km plus or minus (8 1/2 – 9 minutes per mile, I think). My longest run since the operation is about 12 km.

      I have never had any pain in the area of the operated hip since about the 8-9 month mark, except a couple of times I experienced brief episodes of what felt like hip bursitis pain on the outside of that hip. I’m pretty active in a couple of other recreational pursuits that may be equally hard on the hip, but no pain and I’ve never felt the need to ice it. For example, last summer I was able to do a multi-day hike carrying a 35 pound pack over steep and rugged terrain for as much as 32 km in a day.

      However, one thing I’ve learned from talking to other people with replaced hips is that there is a wide range of how quickly pain settles down, so I don’t think you should be discouraged that you still have some discomfort with yours at 10 months. Here’s hoping your next X-ray checks out fine and that the soreness gradually subsides.


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      Hi Brent,
      How did you get on with your x-ray and doctor’s appointment last Monday?


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      I had a THR in Sept 21 when I was 64. I started running 4 months after the operation. I only run 5k at a time but it hasn’t given me a moment’s bother. Unfortunately I have had to manage treatment for breast cancer alongside running (the routine mammogram that led to diagnosis was taken in the week I restarted running), I had surgery and am now having chemo, and it’s that that is limiting my running to 5ks, not the hip.

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      Hey Brent my experience with the soreness and “odd“ sort of fatigue feelings is similar to yours. I have commented on hip runner a few times on this subject over the last year and a half since I had my hip done. Odd soreness, a little stiffness, fatigue, strained hamstring muscles, and like are all things I have experienced in different from my pre-hip surgery days.
      Unquestionably, we are experiments of one… I find more stiffness following harder road running efforts and harder efforts in general. I find less fatigue and stiffness, note I am not saying pain, when I am doing gentler running on softer surfaces, which is what I therefore stick with most often ;-). Don’t be afraid to gradually push boundaries to determine what your body and hip can and can’t handle… My experiences that is the only way to find out. Most importantly, keep moving and keep living!

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