Huge difference in leg length!

I had my anterior THR on Friday, and came home Saturday morning. No pain – didn’t take anything stronger than Tylenol. I feel great except for one thing – post-surgery, the leg with my new hip is about an INCH longer than my right hip! The physical therapist and nurses noticed it, too. I’m walking unassisted, but with a marked limp.

I’m freaking out! I only did the surgery so that I could return to running, and now I’m really worried. There is some mild arthritis in my other hip, so some have speculated that if I replace that one, I’ll even out. But I’m very worried.

Has anyone else had this happen?


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      I had my anterior THR on Friday, and came home Saturday morning. No pain – didn’t take anything stronger than Tylenol. I feel great except for one thi
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      Michael Rix


      Mine was markedly longer post surgery. I even had one shoe built with a raise to address it. However….after a period of ‘bedding in’ it normalised and x rays showed the legs to be of equal length.

      Hope you experience the same outcome in time

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      Thanks Michael. The orthopedic resident did say I could get an orthotic, but that’s not a long term solution I can live with. How long did it take until your legs equalized?

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi! I was surprised also to learn that my leg length would be longer. I use an orthotic to accommodate for the difference. 8 years later all is well. When you first get your replacement, you notice it….A LOT…..but over time, you get used to it. I’m still running happily.
      Hip Brother Tom

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      Thanks Brother Tom. So my surgeon pointed out that my legs ARE the same lengths but my pelvis is tilted and he said with plenty of PT, my gait will even out. Let’s hope! I want to hit the road running by summer

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      I had my hip replaced due to dysplasia last january and have had a year of continued knee and shin pain.
      Surgeon told me i had zero leg length discrepancy.
      Finally in dec i went rivate and saw a podiatrist who told me i have quite a large length difference! I now have orthotics which are helping but stillneed so.e tweaking. It is such a complex thing having a hp. Niavely i told myself it would be a “plug in and play” situation. Boy how wrong was i!! Ive been trying to get back to running in spits and spurts so i was most delighted to have read about a guy completing a 100 miler. I miss running ultras having done multi-days, 100 milers and 24hr races.
      I’m lucky if i can get a week’s running to the some of what would be a mid distance run in the past
      I intend to continue striving to get stronger physically amd mentally (boy how it has affected me emotionally….been a right rollercoaster), to return to the best running ability i can

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