Hip Resurfaced 6/12/20

I had my right hip resurfaced at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC on 6/12/20. Dr. Edwin Su and staff did an amazing job.  I have metal-on-metal non-cemented joint. After one week I am feeling great! Surgery was late in the day so I stayed over night and was released the the next day.  I had no reaction to the anesthesia (I had both epidermal and general).  I have experienced only minor pain and discomfort and minor swelling.  I have not used any pain medication, not even Tylenol! I feel less discomfort and have more mobility each day. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in just about any position.

Dr. Su wanted me to be walking a mile after two weeks. I walked my first mile today with only a cane, one week ahead of schedule.  In-home PT is going well.  The only medication I am on is the anti-inflammatory and aspirin to prevent blood clots).  My goal for this next week is to start walking without the cane.

About two years ago, around the time when I was starting to realize there was something wrong with my hip and running stride, I signed up for the Antarctica Marathon for 2021.  The Antarctica Marathon has a very long wait list, so 2021 was the earliest that I could get in.  At the time I figured any physical issues I was experiencing would be resolved, like every other running injury I ever had,  well before 2021.  By the time I was diagnosed and tried other methods of relief and therapy, it was March 2020 before I could get surgery scheduled.  Then unfortunately surgery was delayed until June 12 due to Covid-19.  I told Dr. Su of my goal to run the Antarctica Marathon and he said he would help me get there.  So that is still my goal with only eight  months left until the marathon.  I have not run a marathon in over two years and have done very little running of any kind in the last year. So my plan is to take it slow and work incrementally to get there.  I hope to begin running again in three months or so and then do a “beginners” marathon training plan.  The good thing is the Antarctica Marathon seems to be low-key and non-competitive, so just the right kind on marathon to start back on my running journey.

BTW, I am 63 and have run 30 marathons, many technical trail races and I cross-country ski in the winter.  In October 2019 I was able to climb 20,300 ft. Island Peak (Imje Tse) in Nepal with the help of a cortisone injection.   While the hip prevented me from my normal running, I was able to run up steep hills and bike, which I continued to do along with regular core fitness focusing hips and glutes right up to the day of surgery.  I treated surgery like it was a race.  The better shape you can get in before, the better the results will be.  That was my attitude going in and I think it was a huge factor in why my surgery went so well and my recovery has been good so for.  My PT was ready for a typical 63 year old; she quickly realized I am not and has adjusted the program for me to be more progressive.

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      I had my right hip resurfaced at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC on 6/12/20. Dr. Edwin Su and staff did an amazing job.  I have metal-on-metal
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      Congrats to you on the resurfacing. It sounds like you are making great progress. It is so great that you have a supportive doctor. Now you can focus on your goal without worrying about a discouraging doctor. Keep up the work. Listen to your hip and take breaks when it tells you to and I have no doubt that you will be ready for Antarctica!

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