Hi Everyone,

My name is Marc age 43 and I had a THR on my left side late December 2019. It was ceramic on ceramic.

I have been very active throughout my life , playing football (soccer) at a fairly high level back here in the UK. I finished in my early thirties. A couple of years passed where I ,lets say, over indulged a little! My youngest Daughter is a sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis so wanted to raise some money for the charity. The London Marathon was a perfect way to do that. This was to be start of my running love affair. It progressed very quickly to ultra running and since that marathon in 2013 , have run some of the best mountain races in Europe , UTMB(twice) , Transvulcania(twice) , Mont Blanc 90km , Laverado(twice) ,Ultra Pirinieu and numerous races here in the UK. Over this period from 2016 my left hip started to get worse and worse and I finally got round to admitting defeat so seeked some medical advice after not finishing 2 races in Italy and France last year. The result being the THR obviously!

When running became hard last year I took up cycling which I love. Post operation , I have continued to cycle a ton and still loving getting out there but I’m starting to miss trail running a lot. I have been getting loads of encouragement listening to all of your posts on here and have found you all to be truly amazing!! I never thought that I could back to mountain ultras but now feel that the door is slightly open. I am currently introducing walking and jogging a bit on the treadmill at home and enjoying that so fingers crossed and will take one day at a time.

Take care all and keep being awesome

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      Hi Everyone, My name is Marc age 43 and I had a THR on my left side late December 2019. It was ceramic on ceramic. I have been very active throughout
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Marc!
      Welcome to the club! I am glad to hear that you are out cycling after the THR. You are just past the 4 month mark since your THR. I started running just after 3 months. It felt weird, but each day, I saw a little improvement. You will have to listen to the hip and let it guide you through the process. It well tell you when you have done too much. Take a day or two off and try again. Stay optimistic! I felt like I was getting close to normal at 16 months. You will be running those ultras again. 👍
      Hip Brother Tom

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      Good stuff. I took to cycling during the intervening years of running a lot and the decline. I got into road cycling enough to bang out 100K and a few 100mile rides, but once I got back into running I started thinking that (now 54) at my stage if I have a road cycling accident it would likely be catastrophic, as they typically are, broken bones, concussions etc. Whereas running I was weighing the risk/reward against cycling:

      1. Love running (especially once fit) quite a bit more.
      2. Rather wear out the hip and have a civilized revision than
      3. crash and have a major injury.
      4. Time. It takes far less time to see results aerobically, anaerobically and neuromuscularly from running over cycling.

      I am not bashing cycling. I keep looking at my bike on the wind trainer thinking that I should get out for a ride…and fantasize about getting cycling fit enough to go on a randonuer or multi-day ride…..spinning is great for complementing on a tired-from-running day.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Hi Marc,
      Some impressive racing history there. I’m almost into my 10 year anniversary and at the age of 60 will probably hit around 2,500 miles for the year this year having already completed a sub 20 hour 100 miler in January. If you take your time, listen to your body, continue to cross train (I do a fun triathlon almost every Sunday) and do some strength training, anything is possible. It’s as much a mind game as it is a physical game, but you already know that. Take it easy for now, and it will come back. Good luck.

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      Hey Tom, thank you so much for the reply and advice 🙂

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      Hey Chris, thanks for the reply. Hopefully the cycling will aid my recovery before getting back into running. Great to see you doing well.

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      Hey Dave,

      Thank you so much for the reply. Sounds like you are doing so well. Awesome 100 mile time 🙂 A real inspiration for me.

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