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Hi Guys
i seriously need some help and advice. I’m 27mths post op ( thr ). I can’t seem to get rid of the pain in my upper thigh ( quad ). It ruins my walking , and jogging is out of the question. It hurts when lifting leg in the stride. It has done since day one !!! I’ve built up the muscles as best I can , but am giving up hope at this stage of ever getting back to running on a regular basis ( was a 18min 5k , 39 min 10k runner pre op ). I’m two heavier and really struggling mentally !  X rays show the new hip to be perfect ( according to consultant ) and he has all but washed his hands with me !!!!!! Physio has me doing exercises with bands , but the quad even hurts when I’m lifting leg to put on my sock …… any thoughts would be appreciated. Ollie.

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      Hi Guys i seriously need some help and advice. I’m 27mths post op ( thr ). I can’t seem to get rid of the pain in my upper thigh ( quad ). It ruins my
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Ollhiggins,

      Something does not seem right. I would recommend a second opinion. Without knowing the nature of your surgery I can only guess at certain things like potentially a femoral fracture caused when the stem of the ball was inserted into the femur. In most cases everyone feels relief on day 1 after surgery. Please keep us posted.

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      Hi Ollie,

      I agree with Tom’s recommendation to get a second opinion. You might also want to consult with a different physical therapist. I know from my own experience with my hip that not all PT’s are equally skilled in all injuries, and a different PT may see something that your current PT does not.

      My own story is that it took me a year after surgery to be able to run. In order to do that, I had to go back for an additional 3 months of PT 7 months after surgery.

      Good luck, and keep us posted.


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      Hello. I’m not a doctor by any means, but I have experienced almost every running injury that exists. It sounds like you may have strained your hip flexor. One possibility is that when you got your hip replaced, it stretched out the hip flexor tendon and you now have tendonitis. An x-ray wouldn’t show tendonitis. You really should tell your ortho surgeon what you’re experiencing. There are stretches and exercises to treat tendonitis, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs. Good luck to you!

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      Dave Whiteside

      I know for me some of my injuries were inflammation, my muscles around my hip area gave me various issues and during a year layoff I did have my hip x-rayed and that was perfect. For me hip strengthening exercises got me back and then eating keto to keep inflammation down has worked for me and largely kept me injury free.

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      Thanks for all the advice guys. It’s much appreciated. I’ll keep you all informed.

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      Sounds like second opinion time to me. I am not sure that minor impingements (where the acebetular cap is rubbing slightly on a tendon) show on x-ray. I am aware of people who have been repeatedly fobbed of but have eventually found relief either through tendon release or further surgery to replace or reposition the cap. I am slightly younger than you (65), a lot slower than you, but it was obvious from a few weeks post surgery that I would have no problems with running other than those caused by loss of aerobic fitness before / after surgery. That has been the case.

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      Hang in there and have an unbeatable attitude and a 2nd and 3rd opinion!
      From my experience with my new hip (I’m now 15 months post-op) and I have run a trail marathon, trail 50 K, and road 5K’s (20:07 post-hip best) and 10K (44:15 post-hip best), I am pleased with these results however THINGS ARE NOT PERFECT… I feel a little “off“ meaning I feel there is an approximate quarter inch length discrepancy, likely from the way all of the leg and hip joint complexities, along with my years of compensation. I still get stiff and a little sore following hard efforts, or long drives in the car, more of this on my replaced side and then on my natural hip. My point is, and please take this in the helping and encouraging spirit, is it significant pain? Or is it very minor and you are extra sensitive given all that you have been through with the replacement? Just some food for thought But encourage some extra opinions.

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