Hello Hipsters

I’ve been conspicuously absent, although I don’t suppose it was actually conspicuous to anyone else!

I have nothing important to add, but have enormous affection for Hipbrother Tom and this site, as they inspired me to take the leap, replace my hip and then leap ahead with life.

I am approaching my third anniversary. My absence is primarily a result of almost never thinking I had a replacement. I run. I ski. I mountain bike, I inline speed skate, I Nordic ski, etc. Once again I celebrated the New Year by hiking the modest, but fun, Mt. Sanitas in Boulder CO with my world class climber granddaughter and ran most of the way down, leaping (to the extent an old fart can leap) from rock to rock, landing awkwardly, running the flats and generally risking life and limb, because why live if you don’t risk?

Any surgeon who says “Don’t run” or “don’t do” anything else after surgery should be challenged. This conservative attitude is almost always unnecessary and covers their own asses rather than liberating yours.

My ass is liberated and I couldn’t be happier, (although it does enjoy a good recliner and decent Cabernet more often than it did a few decades ago).

Good wishes to all hipsters and all future hipsters. To paraphrase a saying from a generation ago: A good new hip is a terrible thing to waste.


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      Steve Nelson

      I’ve been conspicuously absent, although I don’t suppose it was actually conspicuous to anyone else! I have nothing important to add, but have enormou
      [See the full post at: Hello Hipsters]

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      Thank you for this! my surgeon was very against me returning to to running. I am 8 months post ATHR and am back to about 4 miles a few times week and am regsitered for a few 10ks in 2017. I do not currently plan to return to running 1/2s as my other hip is also progressing with arthritis so I am being some what conservative… I feel great!

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      What a motivational post!!!

      I am now seven weeks post THR, ceramic on poly, uncemented. I cannot see running yet, but apparently that will all change in due time….I hope so!


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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great to hear from you Steve! You NAILED it. I remember when I was getting ready for MY HIP REPLACEMENT. I had so many questions and wondered how it would affect my activity level. Hip replacements happen. The only thing that slows you down….is you. Describing your absence from this site and your recent mountain hike…….says it all. You’ve forgotten you’ve had a hip replacement. And that……my friend……. is how it should be.

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      Hi Steve. You post has inspired me! I am 3 years post and am very active but have shied away from running again partially due to Dr’s wishes… and partially due to an attempt to preserve the prosthetic. Tomorrow morning I will run. Not far and not fast but surely. I miss it. So thank you for the push…

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