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Had my right hip “resurfaced” by Dr. Thomas Gross in Columbia SC in August of 2012 with a MoM Biomet device. Cleared to run after 6 months, I gave it a fair try. I started slowly, gradually increased distance, did some interval running, etc.

Each time I’ve tried to extend time/distance I’ve hit a pain barrier at around 2 miles. A dull ache sets in around my operated hip during the run. The pain doesn’t last all that long after the run, but it’s been enough to cause me concern and stop my running.

I stay in shape lots of other ways including cycling, hiking, elliptical, weight training, etc. I’ve had several normal checkups, x-rays, metal ion tests, etc.

I found this site and am looking for input and perhaps some encouragement. Has anyone felt that same type of dull ache with your operated hip when running ? Were you able to push through it ? Did you find any strengthening or stretching exercises helpful to get past it ? Am I just being a wimp ?

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.


RBHR, Gross, Biomet 8/2012

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      Hi Had my right hip “resurfaced” by Dr. Thomas Gross in Columbia SC in August of 2012 with a MoM Biomet device. Cleared to run after 6 months, I gave
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      If you are not already doing so try seeing a strength and conditioning coach. James the coach I worked with twice a week basically made sure that I had the particular mobility and strength required to sprint before allowing me to sprint. E.g. being able to react to the floor plyometrically.
      Good luck

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      Hi Dave, I have a MoM Birmingham resurfacing from Nov 14 and a ceramic THR from May 17. In both cases I was jogging 5k at about 6 weeks and running properly at about 9 months. I managed 13 miles just before my first annual check on the BHR.
      I can always feel the BHR hip, around the lateral scar, because there is little fat to shield it – I could not call it a dull ache, though, and it has never troubled me. Currently, the THR leg is struggling and I am limping when walking. This is connected with a slight length increase (5mm) and the straightening out of my foot plant, mixed with the stress of indoor climbing to a decent standard (for an old man!). Not run properly since 1st December and getting fed up. Looking forward to just having a dull ache! Biking & climbing are ok so can stay fit-ish hopefully. In your case, I recommend you push through the ache and steadily increase your distance – Dr Gross will have done a good job and you should be mechanically secure with no worries about the implant itself, just get the soft tissues to behave properly…
      Good luck,

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Dave,
      My first rule of thumb is to always listen to the hip and let it tell you when you’ve done too much. You definitely are NOT a wimp and you definitely should NOT power through it. I would recommend that you go and visit your doctor and just make sure everything is ok. At the very least see if you can get a prescription for some PT. Stay optimistic Dave. We got our hips done around the same time and although my hip may occasionally bark at me I havent experiences the discomfort that you are describing. Keep us posted.

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