Hello Everyone and Update

First, I want to say WOW about the site upgrade! love it. I haven’t been on for a while, for about 7 months.

Why? well life took over. At my year checkup, my doctor said ” you look exactly the way you should, see you in FIVE years”

WAAAA five years!!! I thought I would be back in three but… no complaints here so five years it is.

To give you a time scale, I had my surgery on 9/18/2015 and I’m 40 now. For those who are reading this and are either fresh out the operating room or simply debating if you should go for it or not,  — its the best thing I ever did.

I had the posterior approach because I had a pretty deformed hip and leg length issues. My recovery was a little longer than the average, I was still on my cane (lightly) at 4 months.

At about 8 months things started to pick up and since then, I usually walk on average about 15 miles per week. I’ve played an occasional tennis game, biked over 20 miles in one shot, hiked between 4 and 7 miles each time I went out, climbed to the top of Douglas Mountain in Maine and well … a lot of other fun active stuff. ALL with out an ounce of pain or discomfort or even having to take a day off between activities. Prior to my surgery, I use to have really bad back pain in addition to my hip, but now, thankfully, I don’t know what back pain is.  As far as running, on occasion, I do a jog/walk interval.

I sleep much better now and the only odd thing I could report  is, sometimes my surgical side falls asleep, while I’m sleeping (I’m a side sleeper), so I’ve just learned to adjust to that so it doesn’t happen.

Overall — total life changer. I occasionally forget that I even had the surgery 🙂

So I just wanted to post a mini update of encouragement and read everyone else’s successes with THR.


This is… the best site!!!


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      First, I want to say WOW about the site upgrade! love it. I haven’t been on for a while, for about 7 months. Why? well life took over. At my year chec
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Fintainezo! It is GREAT to hear from you! So glad you are doing well! Thanks for the report. Every day will get EVEN better. You will see! Glad you like the new look!

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      Little by little, I will start jogging and will let you know how it goes 🙂

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      Dave Whiteside

      Good to hear you’ve made progress and at your age you still have many years to enjoy your new hip. I frequently ride 30+ miles on my ElliptiGo bike and I love it, I also run a lot and swim. I try to do boot camps twice a week to build my muscle and core strength, both important for running. I also do yoga once a week for flexibility. Good luck and I’m sure you’ll tackle a 5K some time over the next year.

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