“Happier” Valley Runner Musings

Kitty here to report I am one day post surgery and delighted as all get out.  My surgery’ started at 8:45 Wednesday morning and I was home today (Thursday) by 6:00 p.m.  I am sore and feel as though my incision area was brutally ravaged, but the pain doesn’t compare to the bone-on-b0ne -hell-grinding. At this writing, I am seriously considering “hanging up my cleats”for good.  I was an avid runner for most of my adult life, keeping trim was my main goal, sad  but true.  After going through the pain of these last two years leading up to this surgery, I never want to compromise and overuse my joints again.  I was told I could have my left THR in six weeks, tentatively scheduled for December 4. That date will be confirmed on my 2 week post-op visit.

This was a big deal and I feel so grateful, so very thankful that I am able to return to a pain-free life. For me, I’m leaning towards exploring kinder and more gentler ways of achieving cardio care. Running was fun and a socially acceptable way of drinking beer at the finish line, but my instincts are trending me to rethink the obsession of my younger years.

Laying in my hospital bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about the the countless people who wore their hips out 100 years ago. Yikes, that must have really sucked. I am sincerely over the top grateful for this second chance. There are too many lessons to count that took me far longer to learn than should have. Finally at 55 my gut is my most treasured guide.

One word of advice: don’t YOU TUBE any THR surgery videos.  Yowza, that happened to me?

Peace out THR survivors.


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